Mad River Club Inc.

PO Box 171

Pulaski NY 13142


Membership Application

The Mad River Club was founded over 125 years ago and incorporated in 1894. The original members were a group of businessmen from Rochester and Central New York seeking a quality place to hunt and fish on Tug Hill.

Today we have grown to offer more than 17,000 combined acres of private leased lands that are both posted and patrolled, with a membership that is both open and affordable to the general sporting community. These lands offer opportunities for members to participate in year round activities to include Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Hiking, and limited ATV/ Snowmobile riding. The primary lands are located on Tug Hill with additional smaller properties located in the towns of Lafayette, Taylor and Marathon, NY.


We also offer our own private Clubhouse located on the foothills of the Tug Hill, 5 miles east of Interstate 81. The clubhouse has a large fully equipped kitchen and banquet hall suitable for hosting up to 90 guests. We also have a covered pavilion, with another fully equipped kitchen, capable of hosting guests outside. Also located here is a fully functional rifle range and trap house.


Although today we offer more than our founding members had, our primary focus still remains true to their intent. To give our membership access to lands that offer opportunities to Hunt, Fish, and enjoy the great outdoors as sportsman. We are also actively committed to protect our environment and the heritage of hunting, fishing, and trapping through awareness and participation of the public and political processes and activities that could effect the opportunities to enjoy our sport today and into the future


With a current regular membership of 275, along with Life, Half dues, and honorary members we remain one of Tug Hills longest running clubs.


If you share the same interests as we do, and wish to become a full time member, please complete this form with your sponsor for a thirty day review. After the review if there are any openings you will then be given an opportunity to become a full time member. If there are no openings after the review, then you will be placed on a chronologically ordered waiting list until an opening becomes available




Applicant must be a good citizen within his Community and Government.

Applicants for membership must be sponsored by a Club member.
Applicant fee is $50.00 non-refundable.

Children of members are exempt from this fee after acceptance as well reserve priority on the waiting list.



The following fields are required to be completed and submitted along with an application fee before he/she will be considered.


Have or are you associated with or a participant and/or member of any anti hunting organization       Yes___ No___

Have or are you associated with or a participant and/or member of any anti gun organization            Yes___ No___

Have you ever been convicted of a offense involving the use of a rifle or hand gun of any type       Yes___ No___

Have you ever been convicted of a offense involving hunting, fishing, trapping or similar activity     Yes___ No___


Note: an answer of Yes to the any of the above questions does not mean the applicant would/will be dropped from consideration. He/She will be given the opportunity to explain the circumstances to a Yes answer. This will be considered by the Board as well the membership for final approval.


 The following is a listing of committees, workday events and skills that require membership participation. Which activities are you willing to participate in or have experience in. (check answers).


Building & Grounds Maintenance___       Roads & Trails Posting___          Welding /Fabrication___

Carpentry___                                         Electrical___                             Plumbing /Heating___

Equipment Operator___                          Computer Skills___                    Fundraising___

Hunter Safety programs___                     Trapping Instructor___                Waterfowl ID___

Rifle Range___                                      Book Keeping / Financial___       Legal__

Legislative Issues___                             Federation Meetings___             Children's Trout Derby___          
Children’s Ice Fishing Derby___              County Fair Booth___                 Kitchen Duty___


Are you willing to support MRC fund raisers Yes___ No___



APPLICANTS NAME (print) _________________________________________________________________


DATE OF BIRTH____/____ /____






STATE______________________________ ZIP________________






E-Mail (required if available)__________________________________________________________________




SIGNATURE OF APPLICANT______________________________________________________________________________


SPONSORS NAME (print) ___________________________________________________________________


SPONSORS BADGE #______________________________________________________________________


SPONSORS RELATIONSHIP TO APPLICANT___________________________________________________


SIGNATURE OF SPONSOR________________________________________________________________________________



** A $50.00 deposit (non-refundable) must be submitted with this application.  
** Voting of applicant for membership will take place at the first available meeting after receipt of this application

** Applicant must be present at the meeting he/she is to receive member status (exceptions to this by vote of Board of Directors based on circumstances).
** New members are subject to any dues increase or decrease that the general membership is subject to.

** Applicant must be present at the meeting he/she is to receive member status (exceptions to this by vote of Board of Directors based on circumstances).

** Falsification or failure to answer any information requested in this application by the applicant may result in his/her immediate termination.