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P.O BOX 171 PULASKI, NEW YORK 13142-0171

PHONE 387-5788

                                 CALENDAR 0F UPCOMING EVENTS:

         Next Club Meeting: Friday March 13th. (BOD mtg starts at 6:30 followed by regular meeting a 8:00)

         Bow Hunter Safety Course March 28th at the clubhouse. Contact Gary Crawford

         MRC Annual Awards Banquet April 11th.

         Kids Trout Fishing Derby June 27th

         MRC Annual Bow Shoot July 25th, and 26th.

         One Day Bow Shoot at the MRC Clubhouse August 30th.


MEETING: The meeting was called to order by Dave Dano at 8:00pm.

ON BEHALF OF THE MEMBERSHIP: The following individuals were placed on the 30-day review list: John Mutter sponsor Kelvin Perkins, Jacob Halsey sponsor Lou McNett, Kyle Hill sponsor Larry Yeardon, Alex Pastuf sponsor Charles Dailey.

The following individuals are moving to the permanent waiting list: None


Lou McNett is still dealing with respiratory issues

Sherry Ruoff’s mother fell and broke her hip

Perry Fowler is undergoing cancer treatment


John Pinzer recently passed away. He was a long time member (gold card) and served on the board. He will be missed.


Harry Komrowski passed away. He was one of the members who built the clubhouse. He was an avid sportsman and dearly loved to deer hunt.


Kevin Irwin’s father in law passed away.


Eugene Baczkowski’s son passed away.


Please remember these people and their families in your prayer concerns.






ANNUAL AWARDS BANQUET: This years annual awards banquet will be held at the Mad River Club. It will be held the night of April 11th. The food will be supplied by the club. Ken Burd is chairing this event but the club is looking for volunteers to help host this event. Ken and his wife cannot handle the whole thing so please help if you can. Contact Ken Burd or Dave Dano if you can help.

YOU NEED TO MAKE RESERVATIONS FOR THIS EVENT so the club knows how much food to prepare. Contact Ken or Gerry at 315-652-7095,


Ken and Gerry Burd Environmental Studies Scholarship

The extended family of Ken and Gerry Burd has instituted a scholarship fund, in their name, in the amount of $500.00 to be awarded yearly. This year we would like to invite any member, member’s child or grandchild contemplating an Environmental degree, to apply.


The recipient must be a graduating high school senior or currently enrolled college student, pursuing a degree in Environmental Engineering, Wildlife Management, Natural Resource Management, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Law Enforcement, Agricultural Engineering or other closely related Environmental field.


The Selection Committee will award the scholarship based on academic performance, school and community activities/involvement, 2 letters of recommendation and

a short essay regarding their choice of profession.


Applications are available by contacting Ken or Gerry at 315-652-7095,, or at the address below.


All requested information must be postmarked no later than April 1st of the current year.


Please complete and return the application to:


Ken & Gerry Burd

8149 Morgan Rd.

Clay, NY 13041


MRC WEBPAGE: A reminder to club members to subscribe to the webpage. You can subscribe right from the webpage, and this will ensure you get all the latest updates. Also, I am looking for any ideas for enhancements to the webpage. For example, is there information you want but don’t find it on the webpage? I am making an attempt to upgrade the page so any help would be appreciated.


Pictures: I encourage people to send me pictures of various club events so I can get them posted on the webpage.






UP FOR MRC ELECTION IN APRIL ( Note Nominations are closed at the March Mtg.)


President                         Dave Dano                                 Open Board Position Mike Lane

1st VP                               Kent Taber                                News Letter Editor     Shawn Allen

2nd VP                               Dick Palmer                               Assist. News Editor     Todd Brown

Financial Secretary        Rachael Pitkin

Treasurer                         Brendan Hind

Secretary                          Mark Bishop


March Venison Dinner: The venison dinner will be held the night of the March 13th, regular club meeting. The dinner will start at 6:00 pm and the regular meeting will follow the dinner. The dinner committee is looking for venison for the dinner. You can leave donations at the clubhouse in the freezer. We are asking people to bring a dish to pass.


Lease Land fee increase: The northern tier property lease was increased by over $13,000.00 this year. The board will follow up with the new owners to find out why the lease went up by such a significant amount.


Sportsman’s Federation Report:


The Mad River Club’s support of the New York State Conservation Council is greatly appreciated. This year is the second year of the Albany two year legislative cycle. Please look for and support the added initiative in support or opposition of legislation as needed. The NYSCC policies are all formed from the consensus of sportsmen like the MRC.  The supporting voices of the sportsmen helps in the success of achieving our goals.


Suggested emails you can sign up for:

NYS DEC Field Notes

Is an Email Subscription you sign up for that is “Noteworthy News from the NYS DEC Division of Fish, Wildlife, and Marine Resources”
For more information click here

The New York State Register
Sign up for this service and receive email notifications and receive notifications of proposed and actual rule changes in New York.  It is broke down by subject matter so it is easy to follow activity pertaining Environmental Conservation
Click Here

Questions or need more information contact Chuck Parker at or 963-8413






Old Wheel Horse Tractor: The club recently purchased a new tractor for work around the clubhouse. The old wheel horse tractor is up for bid. I understand it needs lots of work, ie the mower deck is in need of new pulleys , belts,etc. the starter does not work , and various other problems. The club is looking for sealed bids on the old tractor.


Camp for Kids: If you know some children that would like to attend the DEC camp in the Adirondacks please contact Dick Brock to get them signed up . The names need go be in by January. Applications are on the DEC website.


JACKETS: Kent Taber showed the club members a couple of jackets you can order. They come embroidered with the club emblem and your name. Cost is between $40-45 and you can contact Kent Taber for orders. The jackets come through Hollowway. The one at the club was a model # 9059 and you should be able to see them on their web site.


FAMILY PICNIC: The club is looking for a volunteer to chair the MRC family picnic this year.



HUNTER SAFETY INSTRUCTORS : Dave Dano asked for volunteers to become hunter safety instructors during the upcoming year. There is a real need for new instructors as the hunter safety courses are filling fast and there are not enough instructors.


Hunter Safety Courses: The DEC website has the hunter safety courses listed.


Classifieds: The new website will allow me to post pictures of your items for sale. So if you want to post something, if possible send me a digital picture and I will post it on the website Recommended Site. (Shawn Allen email:

Kent Taber has a 2000 Magnatrac Hydro 5000C Bulldozer with 6 way blade and backhoe for sale. It’s perfect for clearing campsites, building roads/driveways, digging and moving earth. Great condition-asking $9,000.00 or B.O. Call 387-3871 for more details.

Doug Runion’s has his camp up for sale on Little John Drive. It’s a 5 acre plot with 200 ft of road frontage by 1156 foot deep, with a mobile home on the site. There is electrical service but no well or septic. There is a gravel driveway with a yellow gate across the driveway. He said to call for pricing. His phone number is 315-598-3464.


Newsletter Editor: Shawn Allen 343-2546 email, Assistant Newsletter Editor Todd Brown 480-5193

Club Officers: President Lou McNett 387-5339; 1st V.P. Dave Dano 625-7331 (Chairman of the Board) ; 2nd V.P. Dick Palmer 882-3295; Treasurer Sherry Ruoff 778-6113; Secretary Mark Bishop 288-4248; Financial Secretary Rachael Pitkin 232-2290

Board Members: Jeffery Mosier 846-5612, Chris Conway 783-1888, Frank Hilliker 298-3004, Larry Yerdon 387-5140, Brian Dano 625-7331 cell 243-1994, Gary Daniels 488-5575, Bob Shelmidine 846-5054, Ralph Gregory 298-5171, Kent Taber 387-3871

Committee Chairman: Building and Grounds Kevin Irwin 921-9500, Camping Steve Casselbury 315-481-1496, Trails Tim Howell 963-7330 Work Day Dick Palmer 882-3295, Security Kent Taber 387-3871, Entertainment Committee Lou McNett 387-5339

Archery Committee: Bill Killam 387-3350

Website of interest to MRC members;,,,






















































MAD RIVER CLUB                                                                                PRESORT STANDARD

  1. O BOX 171                                                                                           PERMIT #22
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