ATV Trails opening May 14th

The ATV trials will be opening May 14th for your enjoyment. No maintenance has been completed on the trails at this time. Please use caution when riding. If you find any downed trees or areas that need attention please visit Scott at campsite 15. If he is not there please leave a note of the clipboard and it will be addressed.  Happy riding.

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Gates are Open

Attention membership. The gates on the main property will be open as of May 1st. However, all atv trails are closed for a couple more weeks per landowner. Give the trails time to dry up a bit. Also no vehicles with trailers between camp two road and east gate. Road is very soft in spots. You may drive through but nothing in tow.  All roads open so atvs must stay on roads only until further notice. Do not go on woods trails whatsoever. Do not jeopardize our atv privileges.   Enjoy it’s been a long winter

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