August 2014 Newsletter



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  • Next Club Meeting: Friday September 12th. (BOD mtg starts at 6:30 followed by regular meeting a 8:00)
  • MRC Budget Meeting will be Wednesday, August 13th
  • 4 Wheeler Weekend will be weekend of August 23rd
  • MRC Family Picnic will be Sunday, September, 7th


The meeting was called to order by Lou McNett at 8:10.


The following individuals were placed on the 30-day review list: Rick Mutter sponsor Chris Corsette, Albert Morgan sponsor Richard Kisselstein, and Jonathan Parobeck sponsor Wilfred Ashlan.

The following individuals are moving to the permanent waiting list: Tim Brauner sponsor Scott Brauner.


  • Charlene Dano had right knee replacement surgery.
  • Steve Casselbury Jr’s wife (Kara) had some significant issues during childbirth. Reported they are home now.
  • Kent Taber has to have abdominal surgery.
  • Sherry Ruoff has diverticulitis.
  • Carl Wood is suffering with pancreatitis.
  • Larry Perras: his cancer has returned and he needed more surgery.

Please keep these people in your thoughts and prayers. A kind word from a friend is always appreciated when you are sick.


The budget meeting will be held August 13th at 6:30 pm at the clubhouse. All committee chairpersons need to be there to present their budgets for 2015. If you cant make it let Dave Dano know so we can get your numbers into the budget for next year.


Over the next month or two the webpage will be changing. We have hired a website designer and you will start to see the changes. The web address will be the same but the web page will look entirely different. This is being done to update the webpage. Please bear with me as these changes take place.


Changes to the rules and regs and the bylaws where read out at the last meeting. I will be sending out a separate mailing of the changes so people will know what we are voting on.

YOUR ATV privileges ARE IN jeopardy

The landowners have expressed a concern that we are abusing our ATV privileges on club property. Apparently people have been using excessive speed, (cutting “rooster” tails on the roads), cutting new trails though the woods, or around large mud holes. People are cutting trails to their tree stands. There are still people driving through the rivers and streams where there is no limestone laid down. Please do not under estimate the landowners displeasure with the club. Lou Mcnett and another board member had separate conversations with the owners and they both said that this is a very serious matter.


  • 25mph is the speed limit on the club. DO NOT cut up the road by doing “doughnuts” or making “rooster tails”
  • No trails to tree stands. Also, loosen tree stand straps at the end of the season or take the stands down.
  • NO NOT ride through any streams or rivers unless there is limestone laid down for the crossing.
  • If you can’t ride through a mud hole then turn around and go back. DO NOT GO AROUND THEM.
  • Bobs trail is closed

I cannot stress enough the importance of using good land stewardship while riding on the MRC lease lands. Riding ATVs on lease lands is a privilege not a right. New signs are going up to help ensure we conform to the landowner’s wishes.

READ AND HEED all new signs. Yours and the clubs ATV privileges are at stake


  1. NOTICE: DO NOT cut any standing timber on club property. Even if the tree is dead. You can cut wood that has fallen to the ground but no standing timber. We have had a couple of incidents that have caused the new owners to raise concerns. Please, lets respect the landowners wishes.
  2. From the landowners: DO NOT ride in any gravel pits, or cross streams that do not have either a bridge or the crushed limestone.
  3. Please do not contact the new landowners directly. If you have questions or concerns about our lease lands, please bring them to the club meeting or contact Lou McNett. He will forward the questions to the landowners if he cannot answer them.
  4. Make sure you have ID on you when on club property. Please show your ID when asked and ask for ID. This is our club.

At the meeting it was announced that the roads have been repaired and the east gate repaired.

TIM HOWELL is STILL looking for a co-chairman for roads and trails to help with the newly acquired Williamstown property. The trails are quite a mess and will need a lot of work before we can use them.

WORK DAYS: As we head into the warmer weather there are many opportunities for a workday:

Tim Howell needs people to clear trails on the Williamstown property as well as the Little John area.

Kevin Irwin (B&G chairman) has many projects around the clubhouse

Ralph Gregory needs help mowing the lawns

Bob Shelmindine needs people to post the property.

We would like to hear from people who would like to provide janitor service for the clubhouse as a workday. Call Kevin Irwin or Lou McNett.

Phone numbers of the committee chairman are listed at the bottom of the newsletter.

REMEMBER all workdays need to be recorded in the workday log by the committee chairman. You will not get credit for a workday if you sign the log yourself. If you know of other projects you can contact the associated committee chairman and get the go ahead.


Bill Killam reported that the archery shoot was a great success with over 90 participants. Bill gave a big thanks to all that helped out to make this a success. To all who helped the MRC gives you a big thanks as this event is what our club is about.


The family picnic is now scheduled for Sunday, September 7th. Reservations are required. This is so they can get an accurate count for the chicken dinners. Chicken dinner will be $7.00, dinners without chicken will be $5.00. There will be a social hour starting at 11:00 with dinners to be served at 12:00. The club will furnish drinks, cole slaw, toss salad and macaroni salad. They are requesting you bring a dish to pass or desert. There will be games for the kids. To make reservations please send the form passed out at the August meeting to the address on the form, or call 625-7331 and leave your reservations. You must have your reservations in by August 29th. Note this would be a good opportunity for a work day.

4-Wheeler Weekend

This annual event will be held the weekend of August 23rd. There will be a chicken BBQ and tentatively the price will be $4/dinner. This is dependent on the cost of the chickens. Steve Corsett is again the chairman. Steve needs your reservations in by August 14th so he can ensure he gets enough chicken. You can send him an email at or call him at 623-9429

Annual Gun Raffle

Mark Bishop is the chairman for the raffle and he stated the raffle would start in September. This year it will be all guns. Mark started handing out tickets at the June meeting buy cheap cialis online. He is asking that all money and ticket stubs be back to him by August 15th. Please contact Mark/Janine Bishop at phone 288-4248 or email for tickets.


It was brought to the attention of the club that one member brought on almost 20 guest 4-wheelers on the club property. Per our current rules and regs. to bring on multiple guest you need to get permission from a board member. This rule does not apply to members bringing on family members. The board is currently in the process of submitting changes to the rules and regs. The new changes will include a limit of 5 guest wheelers with one member.


Per letter written to Lou McNett from Salmon River Timberlands, LLC regarding ATV/UTV requirements:


This letter is intended to address the requirements by Salmon River Timberlands, LLC has regarding insurance and registration of passenger vehicles, ATV’s and UTV’s (side by side ATV’s). In my letter from September 2012, which I’ve attached, it states among other things, that all ATV’s and UTV’s that are operated on property owned by Salmon River Timberlands, LLC, carry registration and insurance.

At this time, New York State does not offer vehicle registration for UTV’s that weigh more than 1000 pounds. It appears that New York will address this at some point, but until UTV registrations are available in New York, we will allow there use on company property without a current registration, as long as they carry the proper, current liability insurance.

Sportsman’s Federation Report:

The Mad River Club’s support of the New York State Conservation Council is greatly appreciated. This year is the second year of the Albany two year legislative cycle. Please look for and support the added initiative in support or opposition of legislation as needed. The NYSCC policies are all formed from the consensus of sportsmen like the MRC.  The supporting voices of the sportsmen helps in the success of achieving our goals.

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Questions or need more information contact Chuck Parker at or 963-8413



Camp for Kids: Applications for next year are on the DEC website. Contact Dick Brock if you have any questions.

Hunter Safety Courses: The DEC website has the hunter safety courses listed.

REDFIELD FISH AND GAME CLUB  is sponsoring a pistol safety class on August 23rd at their clubhouse located at 33 Harvestor Mill Rd. Redfield, NY. This class is for Oswego County residence and you do not have to be a club member to attend. The cost is $10.00 per student to cover our cost. To register or have any questions answered contact Ron Speicher at or 585-259-8992.

SPORTSMEN’S DINNER at Drivers Village Conference Center Sept. 16,2014 doors open 4:00pm Dinner 6:00pm. Tickets are $15.00 per person and can be purchased on line or call 315-458-0271. Guest speaker Charles Alshheimer. There will be exhibitors, merchandise, prizes and Grand prize a $500 BassPro gift card.

Club News Updates: As I get club information updates between meetings, please see the club website: for this info. Any questions please send me an email or call. (newsletter editor).

Classifieds: The new website will allow me to post pictures of your items for sale. So if you want to post something, if possible send me a digital picture and I will post it on the website. (Shawn Allen email:

FOR SALE: 24ft trailer suitable for camping at the MRC. New rubber roof, bathroom and kitchen facilities. Comfortable for at least two. $800.00. Located south of MRC south gate on Bill Sarie’s property (but is locked) If interested please contact Dennis Gardner at 335-0855.

Kent Taber has a 2000 Magnatrac Hydro 5000C Bulldozer with 6 way blade and backhoe for sale. It’s perfect for clearing campsites, building roads/driveways, digging and moving earth. Great condition-asking $12,000.00 or B.O. Call 387-3871 for more details.


Newsletter Editor: Shawn Allen 343-2546 email, Assistant Newsletter Editor Todd Brown 480-5193

Club Officers: President Lou McNett 387-5339; 1st V.P. Dave Dano 625-7331 (Chairman of the Board) ; 2nd V.P. Dick Palmer 882-3295; Treasurer Sherry Ruoff 778-6113; Secretary Mark Bishop 288-4248; Financial Secretary Rachael Pitkin 232-2290

Board Members: Jeffery Mosier 846-5612, Chris Conway 783-1888, Frank Hilliker 298-3004, Larry Yerdon 387-5140, Brian Dano 625-7331 cell 243-1994, , Gary Daniels 488-5575, Bob Shelmidine 846-5054, Ralph Gregory 298-5171, Kent Taber 387-3871

Committee Chairman: Building and Grounds Kevin Irwin 921-9500, Camping Ken Creech 732-431-1631, Trails Tim Howell 963-7330 Work Day Dick Palmer 882-3295, Security Kent Taber 387-3871, Entertainment Committee Lou McNett 387-5339

Archery Committee: Bill Killam 387-3350

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