The Mad River Club is believed to be the second oldest sportsmen’s club in New York State having been incorporated in 1894.

Our club has over 300 members.

We currently lease or own over 16,000 acres in New York State.

Our primary properties are located in Oswego County, on the Tug Hill Plateau. We also lease three different parcels in the “central southern tier”.

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 Recent Update:

7/27/2020 – MRC 2020 Archery Events Cancelled

Archery Cancelled


7/20/2020 – MRC Family Picnic 2020

MRC Family Picnic


7/11/2020 – We Are Having The Picnic!

Picnic 2020


7/04/2020 – July Board and General Membership Meeting!!!

July Board and General Meeting


6/25/2020 – Landowner Notice



6/17/2020 – New Member Orientation



6/15/2020 – Proposed Bylaws Change

Proposed Bylaws Change 6-20


6/15/2020 – Red Flag on the Range



5/30/2020 – NOTICE – PLEASE READ

From Mike Lane,

– Please remember that the Rules state 1 member can have 1 guest on property
– when on Glann ave, cross Cold Brook via the bridge if in ATV/UTV. Only trucks can cross through the stream bed.


Request from the lease land owners,

We are being asked to allow the Loop Road one more month of dry time. The Loop Road will be closed until July 1st

to ALL ATV/UTV and automobile traffic. PLEASE respect this request from the landowner.

From Steve Cassebury Camping Chairman,

There are two sites available for members on the Wurth property – Contact Steve if interested – 315-481-1496


5/11/2020 – FISH STOCKING



5/9/2020 – NOTICE FROM GC

Notice to all MRC members; May 9, 2020 RE; Little John Lease Lands

Most of the lease land gates will be accessible beginning May 9 2020. We are asking members to hold off on using the South gate to allow more time for the road to dry off. Remember to Tread lightly and be Safe!

It is important to remember to use all the NYS Dept. of Health guide lines during the Covid 19 pandemic. Use 6-foot social distancing – limiting group size to 10 or under – sanitize your hands before and after touching items such as the gates and locks to help reduce the spread of the disease.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation on this. Stay healthy all!

Gary Crawford
President MRC


5/9/2020 – GATES OPEN

Gate Opening Notice 2020


4/21/2020 – Leased Land Update

Notice to all MRC members 4:21


4/15/2020 – Leased Land Update

Marathon Property Map Link

Some exciting new to share with the MRC membership


4/14/2020 – Online Hunter Safety Course

NOTICE I received this from Kelly Stang Hunter Education Program Administrator NYS Hunter Education Courses;

Please post on Facebook and the website,

New York is now going to offer a fully online hunter education course so that students can get certified during this time when we cannot offer in- person courses. The online course is going to be offered through Kalkomey, the company that we use for Event Manager and the online homework.

The course will cost $19.95 per person. Right now, the course will be available for a limited time, from April 15 through June 30, 2020. By late June, we will make a decision on whether to keep the course open for a longer period of time. Anyone age 11 or older can take the online course and you must be a resident of New York State. Students who successfully complete the course, and pass the final exam, will get a hunter education certificate. Starting Wednesday, April 15th the course can be found at

Kalkomey is charging a fee for students to take this online course. That money stays with Kalkomey and helps pay for the customer support they provide for the online course. Providing this fee-based online course is an action that had to be taken at this time in order to continue offering hunter education courses, and to fulfill our legal obligation to issue hunter education certificates for those who want to purchase a hunting license.

Thank you, Gary Crawford,

4/6/2020 – Clubhouse Usage Notice

MRC club houseuse letter 2020


3/21/2020 – April 3rd Meeting CANCELED

Notice to all MRC members April


3/19/2020 – Message From Our President

The Flickenstein property in Lafayette is no longer available to the membership. All members should / are to remove their tree stands and or hunting blinds ASAP. A work day will be planned soon to remove the posted signs.

Also a replacement lease property was approved by the membership in the Marathon area with more details coming when the lease is finalized and signed.





Venison Dinner March 13th




Lead Ammo Ban Article


3/2/2020 – DEC Newsletter


Hunting and Trapping Newsletter


01/09/2020 – Ice Fishing Derby Coming Up!


Ice Fishing Flyer


12/9/19 – Notice to ALL Dues Paying Members

By now you have received your E-Billing or hard copy of your 2020 dues. Please note that the online payment process is totally secure thru Key Bank’s system. We would like to encourage you to help make the payment process easier by using this system.

However, if you feel the need to mail the payment, please send it to:

MRC Club

PO Box 171

Puliaski, NY 13142

Please include your name and badge number.

If you have questions about your billing, please contact Rachael Pitkin ASAP.

Thank You.

Gary Crawford

11/12/19 – Make Christmas Party Reservations by 11/22!

Please contact Kent and Linda Taber at 315-387-3871

Let’s have a big party this year! Make your reservations today!

11/7/19 – Christmas Party!


2019 Christmas Flier

11/6/19 – Art Perkins

“My brother and life member Art Perkins is in Strong Memorial Rochester for heart surgery. If the club could keep him in their thoughts.  Thank you. Lloyd”

10/15/2019 – Proposed By-Laws Change

MRC Board approved proposed changes to the By-Laws. A vote was then taken at the October Member’s Meeting. The motion to adopt the changes passed.

A SECOND VOTE will be taken at the upcoming November Member’s Meeting. If it passes again, the changes will be adopted at the December Member’s Meeting.

Click on the following link to open a pdf or use the viewer below:

Proposed By-Laws Change

Proposed by Laws change

10/5/2019 – Message From Our President (Crawford not Trump)

1) We are already avoiding Loop Road because of logging. The land owner has asked that we hold off on ALL vehicle travel on Loop Road until further notice so the newly graded road firms up.

2) With the opening of big game season we encourage members to donate venison for our March meeting dinner.

Contact Gary Crawford if you have any Questions.

Be safe and enjoy our club!!!

9/26/2019 – Mad River Club Swag Available!

Darien Brock has offered to help our members get some nice stuff to wear with our club logo on them.

This Tee Shirt is a representation of what we can order:

All Items are printed Front and Back.

You can get any color combination you want.

If you do not want the Celebrating 125 Years, that can be removed, leaving our regular club logo on your item.

Both Children and Adult sizes are available at the same price.

Short Sleeve Tee  $15

Long Sleeve Tee  $20

Tank Tops  $20

Performance Short Sleeve  $20

Performance Long Sleeve  $25

Pullover Hoodie  $30

Full Zip Hoodie  $35

Full Zip Jacket  $45

Xxl  Add $2

Xxxl  Add $3

Darien will take orders up to the October meeting. Completed orders will be brought to the November meeting.


Email Darien Brock:


  • Darien’s wife, Jessica, has a PayPal Account, So, you can pay through PayPal.
  • Bring Cash to the October Meeting (Place your order now though)


There was an incident on the Mad River Property today where some members, on atvs, failed to yield to a logging truck. We have to remember that SAFETY is FIRST on MRC Properties and WE ARE ESSENTIALLY GUESTS on this property.Yes we pay a leasing fee, but the activities of the landowner take priority over our activities. LOGGING TRUCKS HAVE RIGHT OF WAY. Failure to yield will result in LOSS OF YOUR MEMBERSHIP.

8/28/2019 – Loop Road Closed

Loop Road is closed until further notice. There will be logging going on for the next few weeks. We will let you know when the road is open.

8/23/2019 – Newsletter Delayed

I have to apologize for the newsletter being delayed. I have taken a great deal of time and effort to put pictures in it this month. Finally got it done and… too big to upload. So I will have to rework the newsletter and try to figure a way to get our pictures out there so you can see them. Thank you for your patience while I figure this out. Rick


Many hands make light work, or so my father used to say. Thank you to the people who have stepped up to help. Darien feels good about the help he has lined up. Even so, he has offered credit for a full workday in exchange for a couple of hours help on Sunday for the Annual Picnic. He is planning a really great picnic and hopes this will go down as the best one yet! If you have a couple hours this Sunday, this is an easy way to get in your required workday. You’ll already be there for the picnic anyway… So, please call Darien at 315-778-2680 or email him at

Let him know you will help make this a great 125th Anniversary Celebration.


Mark Bishop is currently doing “double duty” as 2nd VP and Recording Secretary. This is not the best thing for our club, not that Mark isn’t doing a great job! We are in NEED of a Recording Secretary.

If you have any interest in serving the members of our club by taking the position of Recording Secretary, Please contact Gary Crawford at 315-559-4174. We would love to have a full Board of Directors and… Board Members DON’T PAY DUES.

Please consider getting involved.

The deadline for reservtions for the Annual Picnic is the 21st. Please don’t wait.
Contact Darien at

Help Needed This Saturday June 29th!!

Help is needed with the Trout Derby this Saturday! Please call Joe Iauco at 315-487-7193. This event is for our kids. Please come out and lend a hand.