The Traphouse

Please congratulate Kevin Irwin on his work in getting the traphouse up and running. He and his small work force put in many hours and did an excellent job in getting us ready to start competing in a trap league. Kevin has started having a trap shoot before the meetings at 4:00 pm.


The trapthrower is up and running. The following is a list of people who have been trained on the thrower. Please contact one of these people to use the thrower  as the club has invested a lot of money into this thrower:

  • Cliff Keil  245-0180                                Larry Yerdon   387-5140

  • Bill Killam 387-3350                               Rich Kisselstein  243-7660                        

  • Gary Crawford 575-7851

  • Mike Lane 558-0888  

  • Chris Conway 783-1888

  • Lou McNett 387-5339  

  • George Steele 387-6399

  • Fred Leclair 387-5117

  • Ralph Gregory 298-5171

  • Shawn Allen 343-2546

  • Mike Dillabaugh 440-7354

  • Tim Marshall 403-2013

  • Rachel Pitkin 783-5455

  • John Malinoski 657-7780