Policies, Rules & Regulations

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A. Negotiations- All negotiations for leases will be accomplished by the president and the chairman of the board.

B. The president will appoint a lease land committee chairman and 3 other members to sit on the committee.

1. Lease Land Committee Policy

A. The lease land committee will survey the club members once a year, on use of the land and productivity of that land. These surveys will help the board of directors in reaching a decision on dropping lease lands or acquiring more lease land.

B. The lease land committee will investigate the economical and productivity of suggested new land when asked to do so by the president.


A. Each member of the club will have control of their guest at all times, and is responsible for his or her actions, while that guest is on club property. Each guest will stay in the designated area (assigned by the member responsible) or go back to the vehicle or camp and wait for the return of the member.

B. On all club hunts only one guest is allowed per member.

C.After repeated exposure to the club for six months or less, every club member should encourage their guest to join the club.


A.First violation of any offence – $50.00

B. Second violation of any offence – $100.00

C. Subject to revocation of membership

1. Loaning out of key to anybody other than spouse.

2. Loaning out member badge or guest badge to anybody else.

3. 3rd violation of any offence.

4. Fines for violations are not paid within 30 days after the board of directors meeting on the subject matter.

D. Any violation, accused and accuser will be presented at the next board of directors meeting. If unable to attend, a letter of deposition must be mailed to the board and received by the board prior to the meeting.

E. All violations are as written in the Mad River Club By-Laws, New York State Conservation Laws, and Federal Laws.

F. Returned Check Fee Subject to a $25.00 charge


A. All dues notices for the next year will be mailed out by the Financial Secretary. The 1st Dues notice for the next year will be mailed out on the 1st of December of the previous year. The 2nd Dues notice for the next year will be mailed out on the 2nd of January of the current year. The Board of Directors at the Director Meeting in February of the current year will start the process of filling the empty membership slots by having the Financial Secretary notify the applicants on the yearly waiting list in the order as they were received for membership into the Mad River Club.

  1. All past members cannot become a member until all previous fines are paid.
  2. Hardship letters are due to the board of directors by 31, January.
  3. All hardship cases are subject a late charge applied, if not paid in full by the date set by the board of directors as the final due date.
  4. Full Paying members’ dues are $325.00
  5. Waiting list becomes effective 1 February, full dues is payable 30 days after notification letter becoming a member.
  6. Members who become 60 years of age and have 10 consecutive years as a member, pays half dues by 31 January for the year they turn 60.
  7. Members who become 65 years of age and have 10 consecutive years as a member pays No dues for the year they turn 65.
  8. All dues and fines are payable by 31 January.
  9. The board of directors has exempted All Officers, Entertainment Chairman, and the Building and Grounds Chairman from paying annual dues.
  10. New membership application fee is $50.00 Non-Refundable.
  11. A 10% penalty will accessed after Jan.1 


  1. Financial Committee shall present a financial budget to the membership at the September general meeting.
  2. The President has access up to $1,500.00 each fiscal year to expenses for emergency funding to pay for club business. The club officers and Board members must be notified immediately of the expense.       (Proposed – approved 9/8/2017)


A. Duty as 2nd Vice President.

B. Knows the By-Laws, Rules and Regulations procedures and policies for making decisions.


A. No parking by non-handicap members in designated handicap areas.

B. No parking in front of roads or trails.

C. Use discretion in driving on roads and trails (don’t tear them up).

D. Refer to paragraph 3 on fines.

E. Southern tier only, use designated areas, handicap members should confront the board of directors for special cases, showing they have a valid state handicap     permit.


A. All regular meetings are held in the main area, not in the kitchen.

B. Clean up after yourself.

C. Mark all food put in the refrigerator.


A. Anyone using the range or facilities shall exhibit a paid up membership card on request.

B. The use of bottles or cans or anything other than proper targets is prohibited.

C. No shooting at pipes, railroad ties or frames at any time.

D. Shooting hours are 9 A.M. to sunset.

E. Shooters are requested to police the area before leaving the range, picking up all shell cases, cans and trash.

F. Eye and hearing protection is required when shooting or watching.

G. When two or more shooters are using the range at the same time, one shall act as the range officer.

H. All firearms must be benched with the action open immediately upon a “cease fire” command.

I. The range officer shall be responsible for all firearms being in safe condition before permitting any shooter to advance forward of the firing line.

J. Every club member is responsible to supervise safety.

K. Remove used targets.

L. No full automatic firearms.



A. Use the driveway and lock the gates behind you when coming in or going out.

B. Clubhouse use by members and guest only are as follows:

1. May camp or stay overnight at clubhouse after checking with the buildings and ground chairman for approval and upon arriving must sign in the log book (date, name, and badge number).

2. May have banquets, parties, etc. with prior board of director’s approval.

3. May have other events, if sponsored by member, such as hockey cookouts, etc. with prior board approval.

4. Must clean up after use and is not considered a workday.

C. Outside Pavilion and Kitchen

1. Campers ok for a short period of time, (see camping policy) with prior board of directors approval.

2. Must dispose of sewage properly.

3. Must clean up after use.

D. Members are responsible for

1. Actions of all guests.

2. All Damages.

3. Clean up / mopping.


A.Cutting of standing timber is prohibited.

B. Cutting of down timber to take off the property is prohibited.


A. Lock all gates properly behind you when leaving or entering the property. Notify security or someone if there is a problem with the locks.

B. See paragraph 3 for fines.

C. DEC is on the property at uncertain times.

D. No unsanctioned events allowed unless sponsored by the club.

E. Snowmobiling and ATVing allowed for members and guest on existing trails only. Snowmobiling clubs for snowmobiling only use designated trails. All other motorized vehicles will, use existing roads and trails only.

F. Security Policy is a separate package.


A. New member package will include at a minimum the following from the 2nd Vice President

1. Copy of By-Laws.

2. Copy of Rules and Regulations.

3. Copy of the Camping Policy.

4. Copy of Security Policy.

5. Lease land Gate key and or combination.

B. New members will come to the first general meeting after being notified they have become a member.

C. Publish in the newsletter monthly the phone number of the president, secretary and treasurer.

D. All members have the use of all facilities with the prior permission from the board of directors.


A. All Federal, State, and Local laws along with MRC By-Laws are applicable to all people. (Use common sense)


A. $700.00 maximum total limit per year for the following activities (conservation, hunting, and fishing related activities, local fire departments). NRA, NYS Conservation Council, NYS Rifle and Pistol Association are excluded from the $700.00 limit, but only one time per year. Rifle Raffle, a percentage of the profit to donate to NRA upon agreement between rifle chairman and board of directors.


A. If a member becomes unable to get in a work day because of health reasons, that person will submit a letter to the board of directors stating the health reasons along with a doctor’s letter certifying the health conditions. Upon approval by the board of directors that person will be exempt from putting in a workday or a workday fine.

B. If a new member joins the club in October, November, or December they will be exempt from the workday and workday fine for that year.

C. It is suggested that if you get in a workday, have your name, badge number, and date recorded in the log book in the kitchen at the clubhouse, because of so many names, some don’t get the spelling right and that causes wrong or no workday credit.

D. All Officers, Board of Directors, and anyone who heads up a committee get a workday.

E. A workday constitutes a full 8 hour day.


A. For the purposes of the policy, the term TREE STAND or stand shall mean any form of tree stand or elevated platform used for the purpose of observation and / or hunting.

B.   Mad River Club, the Board of Directors, the Officers or the land owners accept NO RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY for tree stands erected on club owned or leased properties.

C. Any member erecting or using tree stands on club properties shall be solely responsible for such tree stands.

D. All unattended tree stands must be clearly marked / identified with the member’s name, badge number, and address of the owner or any club member may remove the stand.

E. NO GUEST shall be permitted to use tree stands on club owned or club leased properties.

F. No stands shall be permanently fastened to living trees, nor shall they be fastened with nails and spikes.

G. All tree stands must be taken down by 3 days after the close of deer season.

H. No member or guest will use another member’s tree stand without prior approval from that member.


A. No voting rights for spouse, children, grandchildren and son and daughter-in-law.

B. One guest privilege between member and spouse of a member for hunting and fishing privileges.

C. Youth groups (under the age of 18) have use of the Club Properties with one Club member and proper Adult supervision with approval from any 2 Officers and/or Board of Directors prior to the outing.

 D. A member may have visitors for limited opportunities for a Family / Group activity (camping, hiking, etc.) on Club Properties between Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day Weekend. This Family / Group activity will obey all By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, Camping Policy, and Range Rules. Children in this Family / Group activity will be properly supervised at all times. The member having this activity needs approval of any two Officers and / or Board of Directors prior to this activity. One of the two Officers and / or Board of Directors notified of this activity must inform the Security Chairman and the Building and Grounds Chairman of this activity prior to this Family / Group activity taking place.

E. A visitor is defined as a member of a Family / Group activity and does not have hunting or fishing privileges, and is in accordance with paragraph 17D above.

F. Military personnel on Active Duty who are guest of a member’s family and can’t be covered under guest privileges may participate in hunting or fishing trip on the Club properties with that member (limit one person).


A. Snowmobiles, ATV’s, etc. are prohibited except on named roads and trails cleared and designated for that purpose. All above vehicles must be in accordance with New York State Law.

B. Operation by minors:

1. Except as provided by subdivision two of this section, no person under the age of sixteen years shall operate an ATV except upon lands owned or leased by his parent or guardian,unless he/she is under general supervision of a person eighteen years of age or over, or a person sixteen years of age or over who holds an ATV safety Certificate. “Leased lands” as herein used shall not include lands leased by an organization of which said operator or his parent or guardian is a member.

2. A person ten years of age but less than sixteen years of age who has received safety training as prescribed by the commissioner and has received the appropriate ATV safety certificate issued by the commissioner may operate an ATV in the same manner as a person who is sixteen years of age or older.

3. The failure of a person to exhibit an ATV safety certificate uponndemand to any magistrate or any other officer having authority to enforce the provisions of this article shall not be an offense, but shall be presumptive evidence that such person is not the holder of such certificate.

4. No parent or guardian shall authorize or knowingly permit his child or ward, if under sixteen years of age, to operate an ATV in violation of any provision of this article, any rules or regulations promulgated there under, or the provisions of any local law or ordinance.

5.No owner or other person in possession of any ATV shall authorize or knowingly permit any person under sixteen years of age to operate such an ATV in violation of any provision of this article, any rules or regulations promulgated there under, or the provisions of any local law or ordinance.


  1. Each member may have one ATV with One guest with one ATV. A Members spouse may have one ATV with one guest with one ATV. Also, a member may have two more ATV’s with Board approval and notification to the MRC security team from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day. (proposed and approved 4-13-2018)


D. After Labor Day 1 guest one member

E. Family members may attend campsites as an extension of the club house.

F. Speed limit signs have been posted, 25MPH, any violations will be dealt with by the BOD.


A. All money in these funds is only to be touched as a last resort.

This last resort would be that the Club has no members or not enough members to cover the lease of the Little John Lot (MRC owned Land) and the MRC Club house

land on county 15.

This would require a motion that would withdraw this money for only the reason listed above and be approved unanimously by the Board of Directors and if there were

any members to be approved by a majority of the members at the members meeting immediately following the Directors meeting with no 30 day notice.




            The name of this Corporation is the Mad River Club Inc. and shall be referred herein as the Club.


            The mailing address of the Club is P.O. Box 171, Pulaski N.Y. 13142. The Principal place of business shall be the Mad River Club House, County Route 15, Town of Boylston, County of Oswego and state of New York.


The fiscal year shall be from January 1st to December 31st of a given year. The Employer Identification Number (EIN) assigned by the Internal Revenue Service is 22-2264842.


The objectives of the Club Shall Be:

(1) To provide opportunities for Members to engage in the sport of hunting and fishing.

(2) To promote Hunter Safety

(3) To encourage the practice of good sportsmanship and compliance with local, state and federal game and fishing laws.

(4) To support wildlife conservation programs and to assist wildlife management programs.

(5) To strengthen Landowner-hunter cooperation and understanding.

(6) To increase the knowledge and practice of hunting and fishing skills, marksmanship and other outdoor recreation skills that are in harmony with the sport of hunting and


(7) To cooperate with the organizations which share the objectives stated in objectives (1) through (6)

(8) To acquire property both personal and real and improvements thereto in order to create and maintain facilities for the objectives set forth in (1) through (7) above and for

general recreation. Herein such property and improvements will be referred as the Club Property.

(9) Allow reports from the DEC and other Environmental organizations. During the general monthly Members’ Meeting.




            The Directors shall be divided into four classes with a fifth class if the appointment below occurs. The first class shall be the officers elected at each Annual Member’s Meeting to serve until the next Annual Member’s Meeting. The second, third and forth class shall consist of nine Directors, with as near as possible, three serving in each class and three elected at each Annual Member’s Meeting for a three year term. The fifth class may be the immediate past President who may be appointed to the Board by the other Directors to serve until the next Annual Member’s Meeting. The Board shall have general supervision of and control over all Club business, interests and Property, taking into consideration resolutions adopted by the Members in a Members Meeting. No elected Official shall hold more than one office at a time.


            Officers shall consist of the President, First Vice-President, and Second Vice President. Treasurer, Club Secretary, Financial Secretary, News Letter Editor, and Assistant News Letter Editor to be elected at each Annual Members Meeting to serve until the next Annual Members Meeting. The office of President and Club Secretary shall not be held by the same person. There shall also be a Chairman of the Board who shall be appointed to such office by the Board from the Board to serve until the next Annual Members Meeting. No elected Official shall hold more than one office at a time.



The Chairman of the Board shall preside at all Directors’ Meetings and shall perform duties as prescribed by the Board


The President shall be the chief executive office of the Club and shall have all the general power and duties which are usually vested in the office of chief executive officer of a corporation. The President shall be an ex-officio member without vote on all Committees of the Club. The President shall also perform duties as prescribed by the Board, and in the absence or disability of the Chairman of the Board, the President shall perform the duties and exercise the powers of the Chairman of the Board.


The First Vice-President shall perform duties as prescribed by the Board and in the absence or disability of the President shall perform the duties and exercise the powers of the President. Further, the First Vice-President shall be a member and the Chairperson of the Financial Affairs Committee.


The Second Vice-President shall perform duties as prescribed by the Board and in the absence or disability of the First Vice-President shall perform the duties and exercise the powers of the First Vice-President. Further, the Second Vice-President shall be a member and the Chairperson of the Membership Committee and By-Laws Committee.


The Treasurer shall have custody of the corporate funds and shall keep full and accurate accounts of all receipts, disbursements, and books relating thereto belonging to the Club. The Treasurer shall pay: (1) all budgeted bills, and (2) other bills approved by the Board which accompanied by bonafied invoices, cash register tapes, vouchers or receipts. The Treasurer shall, at each meeting of the Members or Board, or at any time upon the request of the President or the Board deliver as directed a complete statement of the financial affairs of the club. Further, the Treasurer shall assist the Financial Secretary in collecting moneys Members owe the Club. The Treasurer shall be a member of the Financial Affairs Committee and the Membership Committee, and shall have the general powers and duties which are usually vested in the treasurer of a corporation and shall perform other duties as prescribed by the Board.


As amended by by laws change vote on 10/09/2015

(6) Assistant Treasuer

The Assistant Treasurer shall perform all duties of the Club Treasurer when called upon by the Club Treasurer, the Club President or the Board of Directors. They will maintain a close working relationship with the Treasurer so as to maintain continuity in the Club Financial affairs in the event of the absence of the Treasurer.



The Club Secretary, or the Club Secretary’s designee subject to Club Secretary’s oversight, shall keep minutes of all meetings of the Members, the Board and Committees. The minutes in addition to setting forth all matters addressed and actions taken shall set forth those persons in attendance. The Secretary shall have custody of the seal of the Club and other books and records of the Club as the Board may provide, and shall perform the duties and functions customarily performed by the secretary of a corporation together with other duties as prescribed by the Board. At the direction of the Board, the Club Secretary shall have the duty to conduct all correspondence for the Club except as set forth in Article V-C-8 herein. Further the Club Secretary shall transmit all Meeting Notices, and inform chairpersons and members of Committees that they have been appointed or elected thereto.



  • THE FINANCIAL SECRETARY (proposed approved 4-13-2018)

The Financial Secretary shall maintain all of the financial records in concurrence with the Treasurer, and shall deposit all moneys and valuable assets in the name of and to the credit of the Club in such depositories as may by designated by the Board. The Financial Secretary can nominate a Board Member to assist in the financial deposits, the member must be (A) Approved by the board (B) Notify the bonding company of this member to be added to the club policy. The Financial Secretary shall have the duty to examine the budgeted and unbudgeted accounts, all invoices, cash register tapes, vouchers, receipts, or disbursements, retain copies of the same in his or her custody, and approve in writing all payments made by the Treasurer monthly. The Financial Secretary shall be a member of the Financial Affairs Committee and the Membership Committee. The Financial Secretary shall collect all moneys Members owe the Club and issue each Member his or her Membership Card and Member and Guest Badge and shall maintain a current Roster of the Members, and be responsible for answering inquiries from prospective and newly elected Members, produce and deliver applications to prospective Members, deliver completed applications to the Board for action, and deliver maps and Keys to the Club Property to new Members. The roster shall set forth each Member’s name, number, address, phone number age and date of joining, after payment. Further, the Financial Secretary shall perform other duties as prescribed by the Board.


(9) Assistant Financial Secretary

The Assistant Financial Secretary shall have the powers of the Financial Secretary and shall be under the direction of the Club Financial Secretary. They shall perform duties of the office when called upon by the Club Financial Secretary, the Club President or the Board of Directors.



The Newsletter Editor shall be responsible for the composition, production, and distribution of a Monthly Newsletter for every month except November. The Newsletter Editor shall have the duty to timely transmit correspondence to the appropriate Officers and Directors delivered to the Club’s Post Office Box in Pulaski, New York. E-Mail Address. The Newsletter Editor shall be responsible for the composition, production, and distribution of the Club Web site. Further, the Newsletter Editor shall be the Officer Members should contact relating to their Club Concerns, and perform other duties as prescribed by the Board.


The Assistant Newsletter Editor shall assist the Newsletter Editor in performing the Newsletter Editor duties set forth above and in the Newsletter Editor’s absence or disability perform the duties and exercise the powers of the Newsletter Editor. Further, the Assistant Newsletter Editor shall perform other duties as prescribed by the Board.


Vacancies in the first, second, third or fourth class of Directors and Officers can be appointed by the President or Board and must be approved by the Board at any Meeting of the Board to serve until the next Annual Members’ Meeting.

E – CONDUCT OF DIRECTORS AND OFFICERS                                                                                    In the event a Director or an Officer does not: Attend three consecutive Meetings without a meritorious excuse, or (2) perform his or her duties satisfactorily; the Board may remove such Director or Officer and such Office shall become vacant.


1 GENERAL – Except as further limited by law, such Committees shall only have the authority granted to them by the By-Laws and the Board; provided the Board may not grant authority inconsistent with the By-Laws. Further, all Committees shall have at least three Members and a Chair person designated by the President with the consent of the Board; Provide that in the case of the Financial Affairs Committee and the Membership Committee three of their Members and the Chairperson shall be as set forth in the Article V-C- 3,4,5,7 herein. All committee Members and Chairpersons designed by the President with the consent of the Board shall serve from such consent until the next Annual Members’ Meeting at the pleasure of the Board.

2 STANDING COMMITTEES – There shall be the following Standing Committees with the following authority and dutie

A. The Audit Committee shall annually audit the financial books and records of the Club and report their findings as required by Law annually at the Board Meeting immediately

prior to the Annual Members’ Meeting.

B. The Nominating Committee shall recommend Members to be Officers and Directors and to fill the second, third and fourth class of Directors as required, to be elected at the next Annual Members’ Meeting. A report containing such recommendations shall be delivered annually to the Board Meeting immediately prior to the Annual Members’ Meeting.

C. The Financial Affairs Committee shall prepare an annual budget to be voted on at the Annual Members’ Meeting: which budget shall be delivered to the Board Meeting immediately prior to the Annual Members’ Meeting.

D. The Membership Committee shall develop and implement programs to obtain new members, to retain existing members and to have former members rejoin.

E. The Club Work Day Committee shall determine work projects for the Members and appoint Project Chairpersons to oversee such work. Further, the Chairperson of the Club Work Day Committee and the Project Chairpersons shall perform those duties they are required to perform in Article VI-Q herein.

F. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Camp Committee shall annually select member’s children and public school teacher(s) to attend such camp, and thereafter implement their attendance thereto. The number of such children and teachers shall be directed by the Board.

G. The Awards Committee shall annually select which Members are to receive awards and implement their presentation at the Annual Banquet. The criteria                    for receiving such awards shall be service to the Club.

H. The Camping Committee shall make and implement policies regarding camps and tenting on the Club Property.

I. The Lease Land Committee shall locate lands to be leased and negotiate, execute and implement Leases thereto.

J. The Roads and Trails Committee shall open, mark, maintain, and repair roads and trails on the Club Property; and keep the boundaries of the Club Property marked.

K. The Entertainment Committee shall select and implement entertainment for the Annual Banquet, The Family Outing, the Venison Dinner and other social meetings

L. The Buildings and Grounds Committee shall: (1) improve, maintain and repair Clubhouse, its outbuildings and grounds; (2) purchase, maintain and repair all equipment owned by the Club.

M. The Fund Raising Committee shall plan and implement way by which the Club can obtain money for Club purposes other than by dues, fees or assessments.

N. The Children’s Fishing Derby Committee shall plan and implement the Annual Children’s Fishing Derby.

O. The Family Outing Committee shall plan and implement the Annual Family Outing.

P. The Archery Committee shall annually plan and implement instruction course(s) in the safe and accurate use of archery equipment.

Q. The Gun Committee shall annually plan and implement instruction course(s) in the safe and accurate use of firearms.

R. The Mad River Club Scholarship for Environmental Studies, to promote educational assistance to a student within our local school system pursuing a degree in environmental studies.

S. Federation and NYS Conservation Council

3. There shall be such other Committees and Chairpersons thereof as the President shall designate with the consent of the Board.


No Member, Director or Officer shall receive any compensation from the Club for services performed in an official capacity pursuant to duties set forth in these By-Laws or Rules and Regulations. Nothing herein shall be construed to preclude any Member, Director or Officer from serving the Club in any other capacity and receiving compensation therefore, or to receiving reimbursements for expenses incurred in connection with Club business and operations; provided, such service or expense be incurred after prior Board approval.




The Membership of the Club shall not exceed 275 dues paying Members plus half dues paying members, ½ dues will not be counted as part of the membership quota, Life members, honorary members, all Officer slots, Security Chairman slot, Building and Grounds Chairman slot, and the Entertainment Chairman slot, except that under extraordinary circumstances the Board may authorize up to five additional Members. Upon election, each Member shall be assigned a number which number shall be set forth on the Badges and Card. A Member shall keep this number throughout Membership.


Applications for Membership shall be made on a form provided by the  Newsletter Editor and shall contain a recommendation by and be countersigned by at least one Member. Applications shall be voted upon in order they are received except as provided in Article VI-C herein. Each Application shall be accompanied by check or cash in the amount as determined by the Members at a Members’ Meeting to be held in escrow. Completed applications should be delivered to the Newsletter Editor or mailed to the Club as the Mailing Address.


A child, grandchild, son or daughter in law of a Member who has had a continuous Membership for five or more years immediately prior to the child’s application for Membership shall have preference for Membership and be voted for Membership in the order each child’s application is received prior to other applications. Spouse, children, and grandchildren the application fee is waived.


Voting for Membership may occur at any Members’ Meeting; provided, the applicant’s application has been presented at a prior Members’ Meeting, and his or her name and the date of the Members Meeting at which the vote is to take place has been published in a Monthly Newsletter between the presentation and the vote. To be elected the applicant must receive an affirmative unanimous vote of all Members present. If a Member does not wish an applicant to become a Member, the Member may deliver a written statement to that effect before a Regular Directors Meeting prior to such vote to the Club Secretary and to the Member(s) recommending the applicant. If this occurs the Member delivering the statement and Member(s) recommending the applicant shall discuss this matter with the Board at a Regular Directors Meeting prior to such vote. After such Directors Meeting, whether or not the discussion occurs, such vote will take place at the Members Meeting designated for the vote unless the recommending Member(s) withdraw the application.


The annual dues shall be an amount determined by the Members at a Members’   Meeting and are for the fiscal year. The Board may exempt annually                               the payment of Annual Dues for certain members based upon such member’s service to the Club. In addition, except as provided in Article VI-C herein, newly elected Members shall pay an application fee in an amount determined by the Members at a Members Meeting.


The annual dues ARE PAYABLE January 1st of a given year and if a Member for the prior year does not pay such dues by January 31st of the current year, the Member shall forfeit his or her membership and be obligated to immediately deliver his or her Keys to the Financial Secretary. Upon forfeiture the former member loses all privileges and rights of membership. The Board may waive forfeiture for a stated period; provided, such Member delivers to the Board a written statement setting forth reason(s) for non-payment and the Board decides the reason(s) are meritorious. A former member who has his or her membership forfeited and is re-elected to membership prior to the beginning of the next fiscal year will not have to pay an Application Fee.


Memberships are non-transferable. A members spouse, children and grandchildren under 18 years of age have limited membership privileges, Subject to the limitations imposed by the Board of Directors and the Rules and Regulations.


Each Member when on the Club Property must have his or her Badge affixed to his or her person and possess such card. Further, if requested by another Member, such Member must show the requesting Member his or her Card.


Each Member has the duty to deliver to the Newsletter Editor his or her current mailing address and phone number. The Mad River Club Mailing List (Membership List) is for the Officers, Board of Directors and Committee Chairman only, and is not to be given out to any other member or individuals without the Approval of the Board of Directors.


Subject to limitations imposed by the Board and the Rules and Regulations, each Member may have one Guest with him or her on the Club Property. The Guest must have affixed to his or her person the Member’s Guest Badge and be in the company of the Member. This Article does not include the Clubhouse and County Rout 15 Properties.


Any Member’s Membership (including Honorary Member or a Life Member) can be revoked for cause; provided, a written complaint by a Member is delivered to the Board and the Board decides such Membership should be revoked. Thereafter, before revocation can become effective, two-thirds of the Members present at a Member’s Meeting must vote for revocation, if a Membership is revoked the Member forfeits all moneys he or she has paid to the Club and all privileges of Membership and must immediately deliver his or her keys, Card and Badges to the Financial Secretary. If the Board does not vote for revocation or if upon the Board voting for revocation the two-thirds vote is not obtained, the Member remains a Member.


Honorary Members may be elected by the Board at any time and shall have the same privileges as a Member except he or she may not vote or have a Guest Badge. Honorary Members are not to be counted in the Membership Quota.


A Member 60 years or older who has been a Member for at least ten continuous years shall be obligated to pay only one half of the Annual Dues and Assessments.


A Member 65 years or older who has been a Member for at least ten continuous years shall become a Life Member and shall not be obligated to pay Dues and Assessments. A Life Member is not to be counted in the Membership Quota.


The Directors at an October Director’s Meeting may elect an applicant who has complied with all the requirements of Article VI-D herein, except as modified in this paragraph, to a Provisional Membership which membership term shall be the period from the later of such election of the events set forth in this sentence to that December’s Member’s Meeting, provided; the applicant’s application for membership is submitted to that October’s Member’s Meeting, the applicant pays the Initiation Fee and the Annual Dues for that year which amounts are non-refundable, and the applicant’s name and a statement that such applicant will be voted on for membership at that December Member’s Meeting be published in that October’s Newsletter. A Provisional Member is subject to all the limitations and has all the privileges of a Member except he or she may not vote.


In the case of extraordinary circumstances each Member may be assessed an amount by the Members at a Members’ Meeting.


Each Member must work one eight hour Work Day during each fiscal year. The Club Work Day Committee will designate projects to be worked on, Project Chairpersons to supervise the work and work days on which the work is to be accomplished. The Project Chairperson shall report the name of the Members who have performed their Work Day to the Club Work Day Chairperson at the next Board Meeting. Further, a Member may fulfill such Work Day obligation by working on a non-designated Work Day provided such Member obtains permission from a Project Chairperson or Board of Director. In this case. The Member must enter the work done, the Member’s name, who authorized the workday and the day it was done in the Club House Log Book maintained at the Club House. If a Member does not perform such work day, the Member shall be assessed an amount as determined by the Members at a Members Meeting and billed therefore on the statement for the Members next Annual Dues to be paid at the same time the Dues are to be paid. If the Member does not pay this Assessment his or her Membership shall be forfeited to the same effect as if the Dues were not paid. The Board may waive this Assessment; provided, such Member delivers to the Board a written statement explaining the reason(s) for such nonperformance and the Board decides the reason(s) are meritorious. A Member may give one of his or her workdays to another member under extenuating circumstances with the Board of Directors approval.


All dues notices for the next year will be mailed out by the Financial Secretary. The 1st Dues notice for the next year will be mailed out on the 1st of December of the previous year. The 2nd Dues notice for the next year will be mailed out on the 2nd of January of the current year. The Board of Directors at the Director Meeting in February of the current year will start the process of filling the empty membership slots by having the Financial Secretary notify the applicants on the yearly waiting list in the order as they were received for membership into the Mad River Club.



Each Member, Director and Officer of the Club, whether or not then in office, and any person whose testator or intestate was such a Member, Director or Officer, shall be indemnified by the Club for the defense of and in connection with, civil or criminal actions or proceedings, or appeals therein, which arose by reason of the fact that such Member, Director or Officer was a Member, Director or Officer of the Club, in accordance with and to the fullest extent permitted by law.



All Meetings shall be held at the Principal Place of Business of the Club or at such other place upon Notice as the Directors may from time to time determine.


The Annual Members’ Meeting shall be held each year on Friday in the second week of April. If in a given year the date conflicts with Good Friday, the Meeting will be held the first Friday in April.


Regular Members’ Meetings shall be held on the second Friday of each month at 8:00 PM, Special Members’ Meeting may be called by the President; and shall be called by the President, any Vice-President or Secretary upon written request of 10 Members or a majority of the Board, which Meeting must take place within twenty days of such request.


Regular Directors’ Meetings shall be held within the seven days prior to the Regular Members’ Meetings. Special Directors’ Meeting shall be called at any time by the Chairman of the Board or President upon written request of three Directors, which Meeting must take place within 20 days of such request. Non-Director Members may attend Directors’ Meetings but do not have the right to participate therein. The Board of Directors Meeting prior to the Annual Meeting shall be a separate night other than the Annual Meeting night.


Notice of a Meeting shall be in writing and state the place, hour, date and purpose of the Meeting. The Notice shall be delivered personally or by mail upon at least 10 days’ notice. If mailed such a notice shall be deemed delivered when deposited in the United States Mail with the postage Theron prepaid addressed to the Member to the address he or she delivered in writing to the Newsletter Editor. Notices will be sent for all Members’ and Directors’ Meetings except for Regular Members’ Meetings. A Notice will be required for a Regular Members’ Meeting if the Board changes the time or the place of the meeting, due to unusual circumstances, in which case the Notice must be delivered at least 10 days before the usual and the new Meeting time. Notices may be delivered in the Monthly Newsletter.


Any Director or Member before or after any Directors’ or Members’ Meeting, may in writing waive Notice of such Meeting and such waiver shall be equivalent to the delivery of Notice. Attendance of any Meeting by a Member or Director without protest prior thereto or at its commencement concerning lack of Notice shall constitute a waiver of Notice by such Member or Director.


The quorum for a Members’ Meeting shall be 10 percent of the Full Dues Paying Members, in good standing with voting rights, five of whom must be Directors. Quorum membership count shall be made up of members of full dues, half dues, and gold members in good standing with voting rights. The quorum for a Directors’ Meeting shall be seven.


A Member may not authorize another person(s) to act for him or her by proxy.


All Meetings will be conducted by standard Parliamentary Procedures as set forth in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.

In all matters not covered by these by-laws, Roberts Rules of Order shall prevail.


All meetings will begin with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.



Upon the dissolution of the Mad River Club, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501 (C) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future tax code, or shall be distributed to the Federal government, or to a state or local government, for a public purpose. Any such assets not so disposed of shall be disposed of by a Court of Competent Jurisdiction of the county in which the principal office of the corporation is then located, exclusively for such purposes or to such organization or organizations, as said Court shall determine which are organized and operated exclusively for such purposes. It is the desire that in the event of dissolution that the Oswego County Sportsmen’s Foundation be the 501 (C) (3) of first choice to receive any assets from the dissolution of the Mad River Club.



The Club Certification of Incorporation or these By-Laws may only be amended by the Members at a Members’ Meeting. A copy of the Amendment or a description of the Amendment must accompany the Notice of the Meeting at which the Amendment will be voted on. In order for an Amendment to the Certificate of Incorporation to become effective at least ten percent of the Members at least five of whom must be Directors must vote affirmatively for the Amendment. In order for an Amendment to the By-Laws to become effective a majority of those Members present must vote affirmatively for the Amendment provided a Quorum is present. As determined in ARTICLE VII G Quorum.


This copy supersedes all previous copies.

Approved by the BOD on July, 2014

Approved final draft by membership vote on September, 2014


(Last updated June 1, 2002)



Revised April 11, 2014

This policy shall supersede any and all previous camping policies in existence and renders them null and void

Camping policy of the MAD RIVER CLUB INC.

Revised March 1,1996

Effective January 1, 1997

Revised May 1, 2002

Revised October 19, 2004

Effective January 14, 2005

Revised June 11, 2010

Revised April 11, 2014

Effective April 14, 2014


Chairman:   Steve Casselbury

Members: Bill Killam

Dick Palmer

Jim Howard

Kevin Irwin

Lou Box

Lou McNett

Pete Peterson

Ralph Gregory



Northern Tier and Southern Tier Properties (Article I through XXII)


ARTICLE I                          GRANDFATHER CLAUSE

For all camps existing prior to May 1, 1991, with the following stipulations (1) Existing camps may not be changed in size, shape, or form for any reason. (2) Necessary repairs are allowed with approval from the Board of Directors, (3) Following the May 1, 1991, renewal period no additional members may added to existing permits and only those members appearing on the permit will be allowed to apply for future renewals. (4) Members not wishing to renew their permits will be required to remove their camps from the site and no further camping will be allowed at the site. (5) Members who fail to renew their permits by the May 1st  deadline will forfeit all rights of renewal under this clause and will be required to remove their camp from the site and no furhter camping will be allowed at those sites.



The following campsite numbers are the only sites that are grand fathered by Article I of this camping policy




ALL campers who recieve camping permits will be required to sign for a copy of the camping policy. The signature will certify that the camper has read and understands the contents and provisions contained in the policy and that they are willing to abide by the rules and stipulations set forth within this policy and any other rules and stipulations deemed reasonable and necessary by the Board of Directors. Failure to comply will result in revocation of camping privileges.



Camping for a period of one week (7days) or less will not require approval by the Board of Directors but it should be noted in the clubhouse log. This entry should include the member(s) name(s), location of campsite and the dates in which you are camping. All permit campsites must be on the roads set forth in this camping policy and all camps must meet the provisions as set forth in this policy.



Any tents, campers, trailers or other temporary shelters to be used for longer than one week (7days) at a designated site will require an annual fee of $100.00 before a permit will be issued. Once the permit fee is received anbd the Board of Directors approval is granted the Camping Committee Chairman will issue the permit. Renewable camping permits require an annual fee.



Requests for new camping permits must be made in writing to the Board of Directors and must be accompanied by the $100.00 annual fee. The request must state the club member(s) name(s), type of camp and the desired numbered location. The applicant must be present at the Board of Directors meeting in which the application will be acted on. Applications are available at the clubhouse or from the camping chairman. All applications will be acted on at the May Board of Directors meeting at 6:30 P.M on the second Friday of the month.



Permits must be displayed on the outside of the camp in a manner that they are visible to all members who pass.



The $100.00 annual fee will not be refunded by the Board of Directors upon notification that the site is no longer occupied.



All permit camp sites will be restricted to the following locations: Little John Road, Salmon River Road, Camp I Road, Camp II Road, (as far as the old Camp II site), Komrowski Trail and all camps must meet the provisions set forth in this policy.


All camps and accessories must be portable and be able to be dismantled and moved by its members off the site withih ONE day.

Revised 4/11/14

Hard Sided Camp Structure

1. Temporary structure is restricted to 400 square feet, (NO Larger than 20×20 ft) measured from the exterior of the structure.

2. Temporary structures shall be constructed to carry a 90lb per square foot roof snow load, if stick built. Placing a pre-constructed ” Sandy Creek Shed” will not require proof of snow load prior to issuing a permit for the hard sided camp.

3. Hard sided camps can be left on your camp site year around.

4.There shall be no pole barns or camps with foundation. Camps must be set level on a minimum of 6″ of crushed stone 5/8″- to allow for drainage under the structure.

5. Any hard sided structure shall be capable of disassembly or removed whole upon 30 day notice by owner and or Mad River Club.

6. Stick/site contructed hard sided camps must have the construction plans submitted for review and acceptance by the camping committee and its consultant if necessary.

7.Once a hard sided camp is placed or constructed it shall not be altered or added on too without prior approval from  MRC and the owner.

8. Prior to placing or constructing a hard sided camp on your site, the site holder must submit an additional fifty dollars ($50.00) to the camping committee. Each year camping dues will increase from $50.00 to $200.00 a year for hard sided camps.

9. Throughout the year the owner will be selecting areas for harvesting timber. It may be required that the hard sided camp must be moved during this operation. The permit holder will remove the hard sided structure at their expense. The owner or MRC will not be responsible for any costs or reimbursement.



Camping permits may be revoked by the Board of Directors for improper use of club land, including but not limited to: Littering, improper waste disposal, improper removal of firewood, cutting of trees and unsportsmanlike conduct.



ALL refuse must be bagged and removed by the camper. No burning of refuse is permitted. ( Human waste is excluded). Human waste including toilet paper must be buried, no leaving on top of ground, no exceptions

REVISED 4/11/14


1. Must be constructed of pressure treated wood or steel and must be constructed to withstand “Tug Hill ” snow loads.

2. Pit Depth 4′-0″ minimum below grade.

3. Minimum size is 4ft x 4ft x 6ft high

4. Must be constructed to be removed by mechanical equipment or panelized for removal within 14 calender days.

5. Latrines shall not be constructed of poly tarps or covered with poly tarps.

6. Latrines msut be kept clean and free of rodents. Pit treatment with lime or other approved chemicals must be done once a month throughout the season.

7. There are not any dump station facilities. Sewage waste from trailers/structures or if a camper uses a portable sanitary container, all waste must be disposed of properly.

8. Any camper found to be disposing of sewage waste by spreading it on the ground will lose their campiing privileges and surrender their site.

9. Throughout the year the owner will be selecting areas for harvesting timbe. It may be required that the latrine must be moved during this operation. The camp site permit holder shall remove the latrine at their expense.


1. Constructed to prevent and contain spread of fire within the pit

2. All combustible materials must be cleard from the perimeter.

3. Fire shall not be left unattended, extinquish or douse fire prior t leaving.

4. Adhere to al state and federal laws determining burnable materials and burning bans.



NO standing trees are to be cut.


Any increase in lease fees or any fines assessed as a result of the negligence or willful misconduct of permit holders and /or their guests will be the resoponsibility of the permit holders and will be paid by the permit holders.



The Board of Directors reserves the right to revoke any permits due to violations of this camping policy by the permit holders and/or their guests.

REVISED 4/11/14

Camp Maintenance and Use:

1. All camps, camp sites and grounds shall be kept clean and maintained. Grass shall be mowed regularly; tents, trailers or hard structures must be structurally sound well and maintained. It is at the discretion of the camping committee, owner’s representitive and the Board of Directors to determine if the site is in compliance and if attention from the site permit holder is required. Notices of non-compliance will be sent to the camp site holder and the alternates assigned to the camp site. It shall list the items of non-compliance and will give a ten day notice to correct the issues noted. Should the campsite holder and alternates not make the corrections the site will be forfeited to the camping committee for use by others on the camping list.

2. Camp sites are a premium and shall be used throughout the season. Non-use of a site for two consecutive seasons (Season is May1 to one week after hunting season each calendar year) will lead to revocation of the site by the site holder and the site shall be determined to be abandoned. The site shall be offered to the next member on the waiting list. Use of the site is determined by campiing on site and regular maintenance by the permit holder and any alternates signed on the permit. Day parking does not constitute use as described above.


Permit campsites and all other campsites will be rountinely inspected and ALL provisions of this policy will be strictly enforced. All camps with permits must be removed from the property no later than 3 days following the close of deer season except those covered under the provisions of Article I of this policy



All overnight camping in truck campers, pull behind campers, fifth wheel campers, gooseneck campers, motorized campers, etc during the deer season is restricted to the roads listed in Article IX of this camping policy.



All persons using Mad River Club property will be held responsible for any and all damage to club and personal property. The size of all vehicles, campers, trailers, etc, is to be decided upon by the Board of Directors.



Worth property

REVISED 4/11/14

1. Create 5 camp sites on the Worth Property as selected by property owners group.



Members who have camping permits are required to renew and submit camping fee of $100.00 annually by May 1st all campsites not renewed become available to all members on a first come first serve basis.



There are no permit camping sites on the Southern Tier Properties (longer than 7 days)

Fleckenstien Property 

Camping only in lower flat.

Taylor Property

Camping is permitted up to the utility pole.

REVISED 4/11/14

New Campsites

1. Create 3 new campsites on the Williamstown Property as selected by property owners group.

The above changes to the Camping Policy were approved by the Board of Directors at the April 11, 2014 Board of Directors Meeting