August 2015 Newsletter



P.O BOX 171 PULASKI, NEW YORK 13142-0171

PHONE 387-5788

                                 CALENDAR 0F UPCOMING EVENTS:

         Next Club Meeting: Friday September 11th. (BOD mtg starts at 6:30 followed by regular meeting a 8:00)

                   MRC Budget Meeting Wednesday, August 26th.

                   One-Day Bow Shoot at the MRC Clubhouse, Sunday, August 30th.


MEETING: The meeting was called to order by Dave Dano at 8:15.

ON BEHALF OF THE MEMBERSHIP: The following individuals were placed on the 30-day review list: Arthur Steinbreher sponsor Gaius Fox, Michael Demko sponsor Robert Shelmindine, Norman Draper Jr. sponsor Mike Atkin, Christopher Manning sponsor Lou Box, and Justin Chvala sponsor Lou McNett.

The following individuals are moving to the permanent waiting list: John Zemotel sponsor Paul Zemotel, Brett Mutter sponsor Kelly Perkins, Zachary Revoir sponsor Jack Mutter, Tom Nicholson sponsor Mike Atkins, Travis Scott sponsor John Haresign, Scott Collar sponsor Ernie Ritter, Brian Rayburn sponsor Eric Guenther, George Manbeck Jr. sponsor Paul Pretory, John Merrill sponsor Ernie Ritter, Dave Boyd sponsor Ernie Ritter, Samuel Graham sponsor Ernie Ritter.



Dave Detlor had a pacemaker installed to help with his health issues

Jim Lewis’s wife is feeling better following treatment for breast cancer

George Marshall had heart surgery and is in rehab.

Harold Dentz is in the hospital

Lee Harvey, president of the Sandy Pond Sportsman’s Club passed away suddenly. Although he was not a member of the MRC, he did help out with many club dinners, and played Santa Claus at several club Christmas Parties.


As a member learns of someone who is sick or someone has passed, please contact the following:

Brian Dano at 315-243-1994

Or: Leave message at 625-7331 with Charlene

Or: E-mail

Or: E-mail


PROPOSED BLAWS CHANGES: The following bylaws changes were proposed to the board and general meeting. Please read the changes and provide any feedback to the board.


The club would like to add two new positions. These positions will be paid dues positions.


1st:     Assistant Treasurer

The Assistant Treasurer shall perform all duties of the Club Treasurer when called upon by the Club Treasurer, the Club President or the Board of Directors. They will maintain a close working relationship with the Treasurer so as to maintain continuity in the Club Financial affairs in the event of the absence of the Treasurer.


2nd :   Assistant Financial Secretary


The Assistant Financial Secretary shall have the powers of the Financial Secretary and shall be under the direction of the Club Financial Secretary. They shall perform duties of the office when called upon by the Club Financial Secretary, the Club President or the Board of Directors.


This is considered the first reading of the bylaws change in accordance with our bylaws.


Budget Meeting: An MRC budget meeting has been scheduled for August 26th starting at 6:00 pm. All committee chairmen need to present their budgets for next year. The lease land committee is making arrangements to meet with the new landowners to discuss lease fees. If needed, a second budget meeting will be held September 2nd to discuss lease land prices.


Tseuda Property: The lease for this patch of land was raised almost 50% this year. The board and general meeting agreed to keep it for this year but as a club we may have to consider other options for next year. This property is our most expensive lease at 15 dollars an acre. Please forward any comments to the board with regards to this issue.



The DEC has awarded Gary Crawford a Bow Master Instructor certificate which means Gary will be training people that want to become a bow instructor.

Gary a few years ago, joined the instructor ranks to become a Sportsman Education Instructor in gun & bow, so now he deserves to be congratulated on his Master Instructor title in the bow program.



GATE LOCKS: After receiving some feedback on the new combination locks, the club has decided to put both the combination lock and key locks on the gate. Some people were having a hard time with the combination locks and it was put out that people were giving out the combination to unauthorized people. (Several kids were found riding on the property and said they had been given the combination). If a club member is found giving out the combination or keys to non-members you could face removal from the club. This is our club and we are responsible for the membership. So for this year you can either use the combination lock or your old gate key to enter the property. Next year new locks will be bought and new keys will be made available.


MRC WEBPAGE: A reminder to club members to subscribe to the webpage. There are no subscription fees. As a subscriber to the website you will automatically be sent an update message so you can be made aware of any club news updates. As I get information from the board between meetings I post it to the webpage.


Pictures: I encourage people to send me pictures of various club events so I can get them posted on the webpage.


ANNUAL GUN RAFFLE: We are out of raffle tickets now but need the money and sold tickets and un sold tickets returned ASAP. I would like to get any unsold tickets back by the 20th to redistribute. Please return money or unsold tickets to Mark Bishop.


Archery Shoot: Bill Killam reported that the July bow shoot was a big success. He thanked a large list of helpers and the club gave them an ovation. This is a growing event for the club and it provides some needed income and exposure to our club. Bill has done an outstanding job in getting this event off the ground. Bill reported that they had 118 registered shooters.


August Bow Shoot: There is a Modified IBO Rules bow shoot scheduled for Sunday, August 30th at the club. The times are 8:00am to 4:00pm. Entry fee is $20.00 for adults and $5.00 for cubs. There will be 50/50 drawings, raffles, and food. For more information call Bill Killam at 315-387-3350.



YOUR ATV privileges ARE IN jeopardy


The landowners have expressed a concern that we are abusing our ATV privileges on club property. Apparently people have been using excessive speed, (cutting “rooster” tails on the roads), cutting new trails though the woods, or around large mud holes. People are cutting trails to their tree stands. There are still people driving through the rivers and streams where there is no limestone laid down. Please do not underestimate the landowner’s displeasure with the club.

So our Club Rules as well as the landowner’s rules are as follows:


25mph is the speed limit on the club. DO NOT cut up the road by doing “doughnuts” or making “rooster tails”


No trails to tree stands. Also, loosen tree stand straps at the end of the season or take the stands down.


NO NOT ride through any streams or rivers unless there is limestone laid down for the crossing.


If you can’t ride through a mud hole then turn around and go back. DO NOT GO AROUND THEM.


Bobs trail is closed


I cannot stress enough the importance of using good land stewardship while riding on the MRC lease lands. Riding ATVs on lease lands is a privilege not a right. New signs are going up to help ensure we conform to the landowner’s wishes.


READ AND HEED all new signs. Yours and the clubs ATV privileges are at stake


A member at the last meeting told of how he stopped a member at the gate who had 15 wheelers with them. We are continuing to see violations of our club rules regarding ATV usage. People are handing out the combos, going around the gates and so on. We will lose our ATV privileges if we don’t stop this behavior. Please, as a club member feel free to challenge one another for membership card.





1.) NOTICE: DO NOT cut any standing timber on club property. Even if the tree is dead. You can cut wood that has fallen to the ground but no standing timber. We have had a couple of incidents that have caused the new owners to raise concerns. Please, lets respect the landowners wishes.


2.) From the landowners: DO NOT ride in any gravel pits, or cross streams that do not have either a bridge or the crushed limestone.


3.) Please do not contact the new landowners directly. If you have questions or concerns about our lease lands, please bring them to the club meeting or contact Dave Dano. He will forward the questions to the landowners if he cannot answer them.


4.) Make sure you have ID on you when on club property. Please show your ID when asked and ask for ID. This is our club.


Sportsman’s Federation Report:

Per Chuck Parker, the ATV/UTV Bills did not get passed. WE need to start writing our representatives to let them know they need to represent us.

Suggested emails you can sign up for:

NYS DEC Field Notes

Is an Email Subscription you sign up for that is “Noteworthy News from the NYS DEC Division of Fish, Wildlife, and Marine Resources”

The New York State Register
Sign up for this service and receive email notifications and receive notifications of proposed and actual rule changes in New York.  It is broke down by subject matter so it is easy to follow activity pertaining Environmental Conservation
Click Here

Questions or need more information contact Chuck Parker at or 963-8413







Landowner Request: the landowners are asking for our help in keeping the culverts open on the Worth Property. It was put out that the River Buck club will keep the first culvert open and the Mad River Club has agreed to keep the second culvert open. If you are on club property and see a culvert starting to clog up please take a rake or whatever tool you have and keep the culvert open.


Ice Fishing Chairman: Lou Box is stepping down as Ice fishing chairman. If interested in chairing this event please let someone on the board know.              


Workdays: It was put out that we have many chances of getting in a workday:


Kevin Irwin (bldg and grnds chair) needs help with painting and general up keep

Bob Shelmindine has several hundred posted signs that need to go up.

Mike Lane and/or John Malinowski (security chairs) said to call them for security details.

Bill Killam is looking for help getting ads in his flyer for the upcoming archery shoot and will need help setting up the shoot.

Steve Casselbury ( camping chair) will be needing help moving camp #15 to a new spot. Apparently there is a mess at the old site that needs to be cleaned up.

Lawn Mowing: Call Ralph Gregory if you would like to help mow the clubs lawn.

Tim Howell (roads and trails chair) Tim has many projects for our roads and trails following this winter


The phone numbers for the chairmen listed above can be found at the bottom of the newsletter.

As I get word of a workday I will post it in the newsletter and on the website.


Hard sided camp The first hard sided camp has been approved by the board and new landowners since the camping policy allowing hard sided camps was approved. This is the first hard sided camp in many years to be placed on the club.


Change of Address: If you have a change of address, phone number, or email please let the club know. You can contact the newsletter editor Shawn Allen or the Financial Secretary Rachael Pitkin. We have been having problems with being able to contact people.


Camp for Kids: The new chairman for Camp for kids is Darien Brock. He has asked that people interested in sending a kid to camp to please call him at 315-778-2680. The youth camp age limit is now 11 to 13 years old and Teen Ecology Camp is 14 to 17 years old. If interested please call Darien and get on the waiting list for next year.


HUNTER SAFETY INSTRUCTORS : Dave Dano asked for volunteers to become hunter safety instructors during the upcoming year. There is a real need for new instructors as the hunter safety courses are filling fast and there are not enough instructors.

Classifieds: The new website will allow me to post pictures of your items for sale. So if you want to post something, if possible send me a digital picture and I will post it on the website. (Shawn Allen email:

Kent Taber has a 2000 Magnatrac Hydro 5000C Bulldozer with 6 way blade and backhoe for sale. It’s perfect for clearing campsites, building roads/driveways, digging and moving earth. Great condition-asking $9,000.00 or B.O. Call 387-3871 for more details.

Shawn Allen has a 2011 Outback Trailer for sale. It is a 31 foot bunkhouse with outdoor kitchen and plenty of room for 6 to 8 people. I have posted a picture on the webpage under classifieds. Call 315-343-2546 for further information. Price is $19,000.00.

FOR SALE- 7 wooded acres in Boylston [Oswego County] near the corner of the Wart & Hessel Road. On the snowmobile and ski trails. Excellent hunting with plenty of State land nearby. $10,900 contact Ken Burd @ 315-652-7095

Polaris Sporstman 550 for sale: Fran Taplin is selling a 2012 Polaris Sportsman 550 4 wheeler. It has power steering, winch, trailer hitch, 2 up seat and less than 200 miles. It has never been in the woods. They are asking $7900.00 or best offer. You can call 298-4138 or 409-6270. Picture of wheeler will be posted on the club website.

Newsletter Editor: Shawn Allen 343-2546 (591-3005) email, Assistant Newsletter Editor Todd Brown 480-5193

Club Officers: President Dave Dano 625-7331; 1st VP Kent Taber 387-3871, 2nd V.P. Dick Palmer 882-3295; Treasurer Brendan Hind 575-9285; Secretary Mark Bishop 288-4248; Financial Secretary Rachael Pitkin 783-5455

Board Members: Jeffery Mosier 846-5612, Chris Conway 783-1888, Frank Hilliker 298-3004, Larry Yerdon 387-5140, Brian Dano 625-7331 cell 243-1994, Gary Daniels 488-5575, Bob Shelmidine 846-5054, Ralph Gregory 298-5171, Gary Crawford 677-5332

Committee Chairman: Building and Grounds Kevin Irwin 921-9500, Camping Steve Casselbury 315-481-1496, Trails Tim Howell 963-7330 Work Day Dick Palmer 882-3295, Security John Malinowski 315-657-7780 or Mike Lane 315-558-0888, Entertainment Committee Lou McNett 387-5339

Archery Committee: Bill Killam 387-3350

Website of interest to MRC members;,,,
































































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