June 2016 Newsletter


JUNE 2016

P.O BOX 171 PULASKI, NEW YORK 13142-0171

PHONE 387-5788

                                 CALENDAR 0F UPCOMING EVENTS:

       Next Club Meeting: Friday July 8th. (BOD mtg starts at 6:30 and general mtg starts at 8:00)

                            Kids Trout Fishing Derby will be held the 25th of June

                             Trap shoot will be held at 4:00 pm July 8th before meeting

                             Archery Shoot Fish Dinner: will be held Friday, July 29th from 5-7 pm.

                             MRC 3D Archery Shoot will be the weekend of July 30th. See newsletter for details

                             4 Wheeler Weekend will be the weekend of the 20th of August

                             Archery Shoot (one day event) scheduled for August 28th.

MEETING: The meeting was called to order by Dave Dano at 8:10.

ON BEHALF OF THE MEMBERSHIP: The following individuals were placed on the 30-day review list: Lawrence Macner sponsor Patrick Reboer, Michael Miller sponsor Geoffrey Lee, Kimbelee Pieters sponsor Ron McNitt and Matt McDonnell sponsor Mike Lewellyn

The following individuals are moving to the permanent waiting list: Corey Reid sponsor Melvin Reid, Edward Filonovich sponsor Tom Nicholson, Todd Labar sponsor Tom Nicholson, Jimmy Walker sponsor Danny Robbins, and Keith Reader sponsor Brad Rembough, Justin Maselli sponsor Greg Maselli and Robert Werden sponsor Tim Marshall.





Robert Fetterly had hip issues


Kevin Irwin hurt his back while working on the trap house.


Walter Butler had a stroke in 2015 and is now paralyzed on the right side.


As a member learns of someone who is sick or someone has passed, please contact the following:

Brian Dano at 315-243-1994

Or: Leave message at 625-7331 with Charlene

Or: E-mail

Or: E-mail


Also, if any member knows of a deceased member from last year, please let the board know so we can get there names on the plaque in the clubhouse. Thank you.


Kids Trout Fishing Derby: The derby will be held on Saturday June 25th. You can start fishing any time in the morning but be sure you bring your fish back to the clubhouse by noon. The club will provide some food and there will be prizes awarded to the children who participate. If you want more information please contact Joe Iauco at 315-487-7193


ANNUAL 4 WHEELER WEEKEND: This event will be held the weekend of August 20th. This event is an opportunity for everyone to come together, ride ATVs and enjoy the club. Steve Corsette is running this event and will be serving a chicken BBQ at 5:00pm on Camp Road 1. The chicken dinner will cost $5.00 apiece this year and Steve is asking everyone to make reservations before August 10th. Steve is asking everyone to bring a dish to pass and you must supply your own beverage. For reservations please call Steve at 623-9429


YOUR ATV privileges ARE IN jeopardy


Recent issues with atvs on the club:

A member recently had 11 4 wheelers on the club with them. As a member you are only allowed 5 machines with you. This is clearly in the rules.


People have torn down the red fencing around the gravel pits and taken down the sign. The gravel pits are off limits for riding per the landowner.


People have given attitude when challenged to provide proof of membership. This should not even be an issue. We all need to show proof and use this as a chance to meet other members.


The landowners have expressed a concern that we are abusing our ATV privileges on club property. Apparently people have been using excessive speed, (cutting “rooster” tails on the roads), cutting new trails though the woods, or around large mud holes. People are cutting trails to their tree stands. There are still people driving through the rivers and streams where there is no limestone laid down. Please do not underestimate the landowner’s displeasure with the club.

So our Club Rules as well as the landowner’s rules are as follows:


25mph is the speed limit on the club. DO NOT cut up the road by doing “doughnuts” or making “rooster tails”


No trails to tree stands. Also, loosen tree stand straps at the end of the season or take the stands down.


NO NOT ride through any streams or rivers unless there is limestone laid down for the crossing.


If you can’t ride through a mud hole then turn around and go back. DO NOT GO AROUND THEM.


Bobs trail is closed


I cannot stress enough the importance of using good land stewardship while riding on the MRC lease lands. Riding ATVs on lease lands is a privilege not a right. New signs are going up to help ensure we conform to the landowner’s wishes.




Gun raffle tickets are available.  We will have them at the July meeting or call us or email for ticket requests.  Tickets will not be forced out to the membership.  Club will have prizes for most tickets sold and we will have an entry for a drawing to win a gun for every member who sells ten tickets.  Members will get an entry for every ten tickets old.  Prizes will be awarded at the October meeting.  Members must be present at the meeting to win.  Also new this year is that members that sell 30 or more tickets will be given a workday.

CONTACT Mark Bishop at 288-4248 or for tickets if you can’t make the July meeting.


Federation Report: The Oswego County Fair will be held from August 10th through the 14th. This is a good chance to get in a workday. Please contact Chuck Parker at (315) 963-8413 if you can help.


DEC Proposes Hunting and Trapping Rule Changes for 2016
Ruanges Result of Public Input from Hunters and Trappers

Public Comments on Deer and Bear Hunting Regulations Accepted Through June 25, Fisher and General Trapping Regulations Through June 10




DEC Announces Comment  Opportunity  For 2016 Amendment To East Banch Of Fish Creek Recreation Management Plan In Lewis County


Air Rifle for big game hunting will not happen this year.

Air Bow, there is no way, presently, to qualify it use at this time so it is only usable for the 7 species which do not have a defined method for harvesting.

A Fisher Plan will again be coming out for review

Blue Ribbon Panel Plan- If it happens, it would make up to 60 million available to NYS DEC. Source of revenue would be from land oil production. It would require 25% matching by the state. (this is a Federal Program)


Kendall Land Access

  • There is 3,000 acres in the Kendall Land.
  • This land to be purchased by the State.
  • Land is located on Tug Hill Town of Redfield and Orwell, in Oswego County, adjacent to state lands
  • These lands have over 3 miles of roads that offer real access to these lands.
  • The NYSCC wants to see these roads to remain open after the land transfer for real access to these lands. ( A sentiment supported by the sportsmen of Oswego County.
  • Rob Davies supports the concept of access subject to
    • Conditions of the roads
    • And ability to maintain.

Annual 3D MRC Archery Shoot: This shoot is a 40-target Modified IBO shoot. The dates are Saturday and Sunday July 30th and 31st. There is a Friday night fish fry on July 29th that starts at 5pm and goes to 7pm. The shoot is open to the public and entry fees range from $20.00 for teens and adults, to $5.00 for cubs. Registration for both days goes from 8 am to 10 am. There will be food, raffles and drawings each day. Also, vendors will be setting up on site. For further information you can contact Bill Killam at (315) 387-3350


A CALL TO ALL MEMBERS OF THE MAD RIVER CLUB: We have several board positions that will be vacated next year. Along with this, several of our annual event chairmen are stepping down such as the annual awards banquet, Christmas dinner, gun raffle and archery shoot. The people doing these jobs now have been doing these jobs for many years and want to take a much-needed break. I have noted over the last several years there have been little or no challenges to board positions or committee chairman during the annual elections. We no longer have an annual MRC picnic because we cannot get anyone to chair it. It is a constant struggle by the board to fill positions on the board to keep this club moving. I know people really enjoy the club and all it has to offer, but the reason it has so much to offer is due to the tireless work of a relatively few people. The club needs its members to step to the plate and help out. Make no mistake; we can lose this club to apathy and a lack of participation. I challenge anyone to find a club that offers so much for so little club dues. So, please take a moment to see where you can help out.


Important DEC Hunting Course Information: All the hunting classes will be posted on the DEC website. Also, a new program will be homework for the hunting classes prior to participation. Due to the amount of material covered at the hunter safety classes, the DEC felt it would be helpful to have class participants complete an online homework assignment prior to attending the hunter safety class. This homework will be posted on the DEC website and will be required to be completed prior to attending a class. Gary Crawford, said an instructor could refuse attendance if the homework in not completed.


MRC WEBPAGE: A reminder to club members to subscribe to the webpage. There are no subscription fees. As a subscriber to the website you will automatically be sent an update message so you can be made aware of any club news updates. As I get information from the board between meetings I post it to the webpage. IF POSSIBLE PLEASE START REFERING TO THE WEBPAGE FOR NEWSLETTERS AND INFORMATION. PEOPLE CONTINUE TO ASK FOR NEWSLETTERS SENT TO THEM. I WOULD LIKE FOR EVERYONE TO AT LEAST TRY THE WEBPAGE. IF WE COULD GET EVERYONE TO USE THE WEBPAGE AND GET RID OF MAILING THE NEWSLETTER WE COULD SAVE THE CLUB ABOUT $1000.00 A YEAR.


Pictures: I encourage people to send me pictures of various club events so I can get them posted on the webpage.


Archery Fund Raiser: The ads are out for the support of the Annual Archery shoot. Please use the advertised businesses if possible to help promote continued ad usage. Bill Killam had the raffle prizes on display at the last meeting. They included a new Matthews bow (main raffle) and other prizes such as a custom built fishing rod, outdoor prints, pressure washer, tree stands. Bill Killam needs all the help he can get to make this event successful. This event has become a major moneymaker for the club and is well attended so please let Bill know if you can help. His number is at the bottom of the newsletter.


MRC Trap Club The club had a trap shoot before the last meeting to introduce members to the new trap house and thrower. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it. Kevin Irwin is running another shoot before the next meeting on July 8th. He will start the shoot at 4:00pm and you can learn how to run the trap machine. The club is asking that you contact a range master to run the machine for you if you have not been trained on the machine. The list of range masters is on our webpage under the title “The Trap house”. The club has spent a lot of money getting this machine and Kevin Irwin has done an outstanding job getting this up and running so please come and enjoy the trap range.




Landowner Request: the landowners are asking for our help in keeping the culverts open on the Worth Property. It was put out that the River Buck club will keep the first culvert open and the Mad River Club has agreed to keep the second culvert open. If you are on club property and see a culvert starting to clog up please take a rake or whatever tool you have and keep the culvert open.


SECURTIY: Starting May 1st members can begin signing up for security posts. Mike Lane put out that if you want to do a security workday then you need to call him or John Malinowski before Thursday of that week to make arrangements. Their numbers are at the bottom of the newsletter. They do not want any last minute calls on Friday nights for security workdays on the weekends. There are new locks on the gates and the new keys have been mailed out.


POSTING : 500 posted signs have been ordered. If you are interested in posting as a workday, please contact Bob Shelmindine. It’s a great way to learn the club. Please be aware that the owners of the land for the Little Buck club will be posting their land with their own posted signs. We will also post the land with our own signs.


MRC Gates: All the gates are open with the exception of the West gate located off the Old State Road. This gate is staying closed due to logging.


Campsite Tree Cutting: If you need a tree cut down around your campsite please contact Dave Dano. Standing trees cannot be cut down by the members. Dave will contact the individual that is allowed to cut trees for the club to get your tree cut down.


Hunter Safety Course Instructors: We are looking for volunteers to become hunter safety instructors. If you are interested please contact Dave Dano at (315) 625-7331

Club usage log: I have the dates for when the clubhouse is being used. I am posting this information on the website under the club usage log. Please see this list when making arrangements for club use. You can call Kevin Irwin at 315- 921-9500 to reserve the clubhouse or pavilion.


Workdays: It was put out that we have many chances of getting in a workday:




Bob Shelmindine has several hundred posted signs that need to go up.

Mike Lane and/or John Malinowski (security chairs) said to call them for security details.

Steve Casselbury ( camping chair)

Lawn Mowing: Call Ralph Gregory if you would like to help mow the clubs lawn.

Tim Howell (roads and trails chair) Tim has many projects for our roads and trails following this winter

Bill Killam (archery chairman) is looking for people the first week of July to clear trails for the archery shoot

The phone numbers for the chairmen listed above can be found at the bottom of the newsletter.

As I get word of a workday I will post it in the newsletter and on the website.

Bill Killam (archery chairman) asked for help selling ads starting in January.


Change of Address: If you have a change of address, phone number, or email please let the club know. You can contact the newsletter editor Shawn Allen or the Financial Secretary Rachael Pitkin. We have been having problems with being able to contact people.


Camp for Kids: Here is an up to date update for kids to camp 2016


As of 6:45pm on 1/11/16 I am sitting in great shape for kids to camp 2016.  We have 7 kids all set to go this year.  I want to continue to make a waiting list for 2017.  So please keep the names coming of a child age 11-17 for next year.  Tell them to give me a call anytime 315-778-2680.

Classifieds: The new website will allow me to post pictures of your items for sale. So if you want to post something, if possible send me a digital picture and I will post it on the website. (Shawn Allen email:

Kent Taber has a 2000 Magnatrac Hydro 5000C Bulldozer with 6 way blade and backhoe for sale. It’s perfect for clearing campsites, building roads/driveways, digging and moving earth. Great condition-asking $9,000.00 or B.O. Call 387-3871 for more details.

Newsletter Editor: Shawn Allen 343-2546 (591-3005) email, Assistant Newsletter Editor Todd Brown 480-5193

Club Officers: President Dave Dano 625-7331; 1st VP Kent Taber 387-3871, 2nd V.P. Dick Palmer 882-3295; Treasurer Brendan Hind 575-9285; Assistant Treasurer William Milton 315-782-9502, Secretary Mark Bishop 288-4248; Financial Secretary Rachael Pitkin 783-5455, Assistant Financial Secretary Ron McNitt 315-486-0525

Board Members: Jeffery Mosier 846-5612, Chris Conway 783-1888, Frank Hilliker 298-3004, Larry Yerdon 387-5140, Brian Dano 625-7331 cell 243-1994, Gary Daniels 488-5575, Bob Shelmidine 846-5054, Ralph Gregory 298-5171, Gary Crawford 315-575-7851

Committee Chairman: Building and Grounds Kevin Irwin 921-9500, Camping Steve Casselbury 315-481-1496, Trails Tim Howell 963-7330 Work Day Dennis Kammers 315-437-0430, Security John Malinowski 315-657-7780 or Mike Lane 315-558-0888, Entertainment Committee Lou McNett 387-5339

Archery Committee: Bill Killam 387-3350

Website of interest to MRC members;,,,























































































MAD RIVER CLUB                                                                                PRESORT STANDARD

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