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april 2019

P.O BOX 171 PULASKI, NEW YORK 13142-0171

PHONE 315-387-5788

                                 CALENDAR 0F UPCOMING EVENTS:

                             Next Club Meeting: Friday, May 10th ( BOD mtg at 6:30, general mtg at 8:00)

                             Trapshooting begins: Starting on April 28th trapshooting will begin. See below.

                             Annual Trout Derby: Saturday, June 29th

                             Annual MRC Family Picnic/ Awards Banquet: Sunday, July 28th

                             Annual Bowshoot: August 3rd and 4th



GENERAL MTG: Kelly Perkins called the meeting to order at 8:00 pm.

ON BEHALF OF THE MEMBERSHIP: The following individuals were placed on the 30-day review list: Robert Tessier sponsor Lori Venzendy, Jerry Snyder sponsor Thomas Sparacino, Nicholas Bradt sponsor Mark Bradt, Kyle Hyde sponsor Mark Bradt, Paul Holliday sponsor Larry Yerdon, Nicholas Monaghan sponsor Wendell Rowell, Michail Eisel sponsor Wendell Rowell, Thomas Zehr sponsor Roger Murdee, William Edwards sponsor Roger Murdee, Lynn Steiner sponsor Mike Murdee, Dennis Kriwox sponsor Mike Murdee.

The following individuals are moving to the permanent waiting list: Bruce Boterus sponsor Clifford Young, Michael Patterson sponsor Thomas Sparacino, and Bryan Chazanowski sponsor Rachel Pitkin.




Dick Palmer continues to battle pneumonia and is undergoing further testing.


Lynn Johnson a gold member of the club has passed away. He served with distinction in the Army during the Vietnam War and was an avid hunter and fisherman.



As a member learns of someone who is sick or someone has passed, please contact the following:

Brian Dano at 315-243-1994


Or: Leave message at 625-7331 with Charlene

Or: E-mail

Or: E-mail

Also, if any member knows of a deceased member from last year, please let the board know so we can get there names on the plaque in the clubhouse. Thank you.



CLUB ELECTIONS: Elections were held at the April meeting. All positions both board members and club officers ran unopposed. Therefore one vote was cast for all board members and club officers and the membership approved this action. All club officers and board members remain the same.


GUN LOTTERY: It was put out at the meeting that Greg hopes to have tickets available at the May meeting.


VOLUNTEER NEEDED: I am stepping down as newsletter editor this year. If anyone is interested in taking over this position please contact me (Shawn Allen) or anyone on the board.


CLUB LAND OPENING: Pending approval from the landowners the club lands may be opening on May 1st. We wait for the landowners to look at the roads to ensure vehicle traffic will not cause further damage before they allow open access. I will receive word from the club president when we can go on the property with our vehicles and will post it on the webpage. You can still park at the gate and walk in.


LAFEYETTE PROPERTY LEASE: I received word that the lease for this property will be signed so club members will be allowed to turkey hunt here in May.


MEMBERSHIP DRIVE: The club is looking for new members. Our current membership is down and we need to bring in more people to keep the club moving forward.


MRC WEBPAGE: A reminder to club members to subscribe to the webpage. There are no subscription fees. As a subscriber to the website you will automatically be sent an update message so you can be made aware of any club news updates. As I get information from the board between meetings I post it to the webpage.


Future new members: To help alleviate some of the problems regarding rules violations the BOD’s have decided that after January 1st new members are to come to the board meeting at 7:30 on the night they are to receive their membership. This is to allow the board to explain some of the rules and expectations that come with club membership. This is meant to be a meet and greet with a chance for the new members to ask questions and meet the board.


Trap house: Gary put out at the meeting that the trapshooting will begin on Sunday, April 28th. It will start at noon and go until 4or 5. Gary said he plans on doing this each Sunday. Please see the Facebook page for further information.

FEDERATION NEWS: Chuck Parker announced the Federation is running a gun raffle. You can contact Chuck to obtain tickets.


Chuck Parker gave a presentation on the many bills being presented before our lawmakers in Albany. Many of the bills do not help the sportsmen/sportswomen in this state. Chuck made it clear that we as sports people need to contact our representatives to make our voices heard. As an example, the Red Flag bill went through the legislature in about 9 days. It is my opinion that this bill has the potential to be misused by law enforcement. Other bills being presented include the schools in our state removing all shooting sports for the schools. These are just two of the examples that were presented. For further information please see the Federation Website for links and news. The Grassroots Newsletter has some good information regarding what is going on with the DEC regarding hunting and fishing in this state.


NOTICE: The badges for this year are purple with white letters, but have 2018 on them. Please understand that we know this is a mistake and as long as you are wearing your purple badge then you are in compliance. We apologize for the mix up. Also, due to the high cost of postage, we are requesting members come to a meeting to pick up their badges.


WORK DAYS COMING UP: There are many upcoming opportunities to get in a workday for this year. Below are some that were brought up at the meeting:


B&G Chairman:


  • sign out front needs work
  • ditch work needed to put in a new drain pipe
  • picnic tables moved
  • lawn mowing will start soon
  • clean clubhouse
  • front porch repair


Stocking trout:

Duane Cole said he would be stocking trout on May 22nd. He plans on starting by 10:00 am and will be at the Gathering Place before 10. If you are interested in helping you can contact Duane at 315-221-0857


Archery Shoot: Bill Killam is looking for help this year to set up the archery shoot. Please contact Bill if you can help out.


HELP NEEDED: The club needs volunteers to step forward to fill various positions: we need a posting committee chair, nominating committee chair, newsletter editor


NEW ROADS AND TRAILS CHAIRMAN: Jacob Halsey has taken over as the new roads and trails chairman. Please give him your support this year when we get back on the trails.


DEC CAMP FOR KIDS: Darien Brock reported that 4 kids are scheduled to go to camp this year. He is looking for applications for next year. Applications can be found on the website.


CAMPING PERMITS: This years camping permits have been sent out. There are 8 people on the waiting list. If you are not renewing your permit this year please let Steve Casselbury know.










Newsletter Editor: Shawn Allen 315-343-2546, 315-591-3005 email, Assistant Newsletter Editor vacant

Club Officers: President Dick Palmer 315-882-3295; 1st VP Gary Crawford 315-559-4174, 2nd V.P. Kelly Perkins; Treasurer Lori Venzendy 315-298-5804; Assist Treasurer Bruce Hahn 315-469-9349, Secretary Mark Bishop 288-4248; Financial Secretary Rachael Pitkin 315-783-5455, Assistant Financial Secretary Justin Maselli


Board Members: Jeffery Mosier 846-5612, Frank Hilliker 298-3004, Larry Yerdon 387-5140, Darien Brock 315-778-2680, Gary Daniels 488-5575, Mike Lane 315-558-0888, Tim Howell 963-7330, Norm Draper 315-775-7218, Ken Creech 732-431-1631.

Committee Chairman: Building and Grounds Dale Macklen 315-387-5365, Camping Steve Casselbury 315-481-1496, Trails Jacob Halsey,Work Day Dennis Kammers 315-437-0430, Security Mike Lane 315-558-0888, Entertainment Committee Lou McNett 387-5339

Archery Committee: Bill Killam 387-3350, Traphouse: Gary Granger 315-427-1162


Website of interest to MRC members;,,,

















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