August 2017 Newsletter


August 2017

P.O BOX 171 PULASKI, NEW YORK 13142-0171

PHONE 315-387-5788

                                 CALENDAR 0F UPCOMING EVENTS:

                             Next Club Meeting: Friday, September 8th (BOD starts at 6:30, general mtg at 8:00).


                             Reminder: there is a trapshoot before each meeting so                                    come early and have some fun


                             Annual 4-Wheeler weekend will be August 19th.                                                 Reservations by Aug 11th


                            MRC August Archery Shoot will be August 26 and 27th


                                          Windmill Project Open House September 20 and 21st.                                     (see info below)


GENERAL MTG: Meeting was called to order by Dick Palmer at 8:10 pm.

ON BEHALF OF THE MEMBERSHIP: The following individuals were placed on the 30-day review list: Len Leclair sponsor Ken Creech, Matt Rockefeller sponsor Stan Shelmidine

The following individuals are moving to the permanent waiting list: Matthew Collins sponsor Craig Chesbro, Robert Walczyk Jr. sponsor Harry Perkins, Jason Vickery sponsor Chris Conway, Jonny Boenning sponsor Chris Conway, and Cliff Young sponsor Jack Keach




Dick Brock is back in the hospital again.


John Wilk is in St. Lukes with possible gout. His wife Elizabeth is also in the nursing home.


Doug Runions is also having health issues


As a member learns of someone who is sick or someone has passed, please contact the following:

Brian Dano at 315-243-1994

Or: Leave message at 625-7331 with Charlene

Or: E-mail

Or: E-mail


Also, if any member knows of a deceased member from last year, please let the board know so we can get there names on the plaque in the clubhouse. Thank you.


4 WHEELER WEEKEND: It’s almost that time again when the club has its annual 4-wheeler weekend. Steve Corsette is running this event again and is cooking the chicken. Steve has asked that everyone bring a dish to pass and provide your own beverages. Please have your reservations in by August 11th so Steve can make sure we have enough chicken. Steve said the chicken dinners would be $5.00 a piece. Steve can be reached at phone: 315-623-9429 or email:


AVANGRID Open House: There will be two open houses to discuss the windmill project. The first one is Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 from 2-4 pm and 6-8 pm located at the Lorraine Fire Hall, which is located at 20876 County Route 189

The second open house is Thursday, September 21st, 2017 from 2-4 pm and 6-8 pm which will is located at the Redfield Fire Hall which is located at 4879 County Route 17.


The clubs future could be impacted by the outcome of this project so we need to have a good MRC membership showing. Thanks


MRC WEBPAGE: A reminder to club members to subscribe to the webpage. There are no subscription fees. As a subscriber to the website you will automatically be sent an update message so you can be made aware of any club news updates. As I get information from the board between meetings I post it to the webpage.


Budget for 2018 Dick Palmer proposed the budget. One major change would be the proposed increase in full dues members from 275 to 300 members. This will be voted on in September.


EDITORIAL: As newsletter editor I am beginning my request to all members to go paperless on the newsletter. I am shooting for January1st, 2018 to stop sending out the newsletter. I would very much like to see everyone use the website. The website contains a lot of club information along with the newsletters. Please note that the newsletters are archived on the website. If we were to go paperless this would save the club approximately $1000.00 a year in postage cost. I understand some people have reservations about using a computer but we need to make an effort to change. Remember the webpage is:


ANNUAL GUN RAFFLE: The drawing will start September 1st 2017. All members, this is a major fundraiser for the club so we need to have all members participate. Tickets will be available at the June, July, and August meetings. UPDATE: Greg told the members that all tickets are out and the money or unsold tickets need to come back soon so we can keep track of our progress.


You can call Greg Masselli at 315-952-1624 or email to request tickets to be mailed to you if you cannot attend a meeting. Please return all ticket stubs and checks to Greg by August 21st 2017. You can hand them in at a meeting or mail them to Greg at :

Mad River Club

P.O Box 53

Baldwinsville, NY 13027


Members with ticket sales of 30 or more will be entered into an independent drawing at the September meeting for a Savage Axis Scope package with choice of caliber in .270, 22-250, 25-06 or 7mm-08. Along with this, members who sold 30 or more tickets will get credit for their workday. Also, the member who sells the most tickets will receive a $250.00 gift certificate from Sharpshooters. If there is a tie the money will be split.



Oswego County Federation report: A voice vote was taken to have the MRC club support the NYSDEC proposal to increase the hunting day to ½ hour before sunrise and ½ hour after sunset.






Bob Shelmindine needs help posting the Barclay property. Call Bob at 315-846-5054


There are plenty of workday opportunities this year. We need to clear brush back from the main roads, lawn mowing around the clubhouse, Painting and general cleanup. Please contact the appropriate chairman to set up your dates.


Dale Macklen (Build & ground chair) has sent out the following list of upcoming projects:

Painting: Front and rear porches, handicap ramp, shooting benches, and archery tower.

Building behind the garage needs to made weather tight to allow us to store clay targets.

Picnic tables need to be put out in the pavilion and checked for loose parts.



Reminder to all members to contact a committee chairman to set up workdays so you can have them make sure you get credit for the workday. or they can text them to me at 315-437-0430



PLEASE NOTE: Ralph Gregory is stepping down from lawn mowing duties so the club needs someone to take over to keep the grounds looking as good as it does. Please contact someone on the board if you can help with this duty.


Trap house: Gary Granger said there are 5 people so far on the trap committee. So far things are moving ahead to start a trap league next year. UPDATE: The voice activation system is up and running. Gary reports that it is running good.


Security : If you want to set up a security workday please contact John Malinowski 315-657-7780 or Mike Lane 315-558-0888. Please follow the website as it will be posted when the gates are open for vehicle traffic. May 1st is the target date but we need landowner permission before we open the gates to all traffic.


Hunter safety class: A class is being set up for August 19th. Please check the DEC website for information and homework needed to complete the class.


Change of Address: If you have a change of address, phone number, or email please let the club know. You can contact the newsletter editor Shawn Allen or the Financial Secretary Rachael Pitkin. We have been having problems with being able to contact people.


Camp for Kids: Darien Brock said he has 7 kids set up for this year’s Camp for Kids, but needs people to send in their applications for next year. So far he has 4 kids on the waiting list for 2018. The applications are excepted as first come first served so please get your applications in early. DEC camp for kids applications are posted on the website under “applications”. He has asked that people interested in this great opportunity, fill it out and send it to him. You can call Darien Brock at: 315-778-2680. His address is: 921 Franklin Street, Watertown, NY 13601

Classifieds: The new website will allow me to post pictures of your items for sale. So if you want to post something, if possible send me a digital picture and I will post it on the website. (Shawn Allen email:

Newsletter Editor: Shawn Allen 315-343-2546, 315-591-3005 email, Assistant Newsletter Editor Todd Brown 480-5193

Club Officers: President Dave Dano 625-7331; 1st VP Dick Palmer 882-3295, 2nd V.P. Gary Crawford 315-559-4174; Treasurer Brendan Hind 575-9285; Secretary Lori Venzendy 315-298-5804; Financial Secretary Rachael Pitkin 315-783-5455, Assistant Financial Secretary Ron McNitt 315-486-0525


Board Members: Jeffery Mosier 846-5612, Frank Hilliker 298-3004, Larry Yerdon 387-5140, Brian Dano 625-7331 cell 243-1994, Gary Daniels 488-5575, , Ralph Gregory 298-5171, Tim Howell 963-7330, Norm Draper 315-775-7218, Ken Creech 732-431-1631.

Committee Chairman: Building and Grounds Dale Macklen 315-387-5365, Camping Steve Casselbury 315-481-1496, Trails Tim Howell 963-7330 Work Day Dennis Kammers 315-437-0430, Security John Malinowski 315-657-7780 or Mike Lane 315-558-0888, Entertainment Committee Lou McNett 387-5339

Archery Committee: Bill Killam 387-3350, Traphouse: Dennis Gardner 315-339-3426

Website of interest to MRC members;,,,







































































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