Loggers on Property

Loggers will soon be pulling out of the Glen Ave. area due to the wet conditions.

They will continue the logging just past Mud Slide Creak on Camp 2 road so be very careful of them and the truck traffic

The beavers are flooding the West Road in the Wurth property. The landowner has asked the MRC for help so, Any beaver trappers we have please help eradicate these in that area.

Also, if you see road flooding, please contact a club officer so we can notify the landowners.

Notice to all; If you desire to enter the lease lands with a large trailer or load you need to let a club officer know so we can get you permission.

We had a member come through with a large trailer full of building materials and the landowners didn’t appreciate that.

Please remember we are guest on the lease lands. Please be respectful of them.

Have a safe and bountiful hunting season!!

One member one guest.

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Notice Logging on Little John

Notice, logging is happening on the Little John lease lands this summer.

Please be cautious when you encounter a log truck and give them all the space they need. They will be on Little John / Salmon River Rd – Earls Trail – soon on Glen Ave.
Also absolutely no firewood can be taken from any landing areas. No firewood can be brought into the lease land. No cutting of standing trees.
Remember our access rules 1member can have 1guest.
Please enjoy your time an the lease land and be safe!
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Vote For Lease Increases

To MRC Members,

In 2022 we have been told we will see a large increase to the cost of our leases. We are doing this survey to feel out the membership on a possible way of raising the money needed to cover these increases. This survey will only give us an idea of how the membership would like to pay for it. NOTHING is planned right now. Thank you for taking the time to help in this important issue.


Please respond with your preference via the survey.



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We are trying to update our Badge Collection in the Clubhouse. If anyone has a badge from the following year/years (member and/or guests) that they would like to donate, please email in order to coordinate pickup or mailing.

ANY badges from the 1950’s, 1960’s, or 1970’s

More Recent:

  • 1999- Members Badges
  • 2016- Guest Badges
  • 2017- Member & Guest Badges
  • 2019- Member and Guest Badges
  • 2020- Member & Guest Badges
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Decals for off-road-vehicals

All vehicles on Club Property need to have a Mad River and Woodwise decal. They are $3.00 per vehicle.

Mike Lane, Chair of Security, would like you to please send a copy of your registration for 4-wheelers and side by sides.  If you cannot register your side by side, proof of ownership is required.  These need to be on file and hard copy is the other option. He will not be able to give you the decals for these types of vehicles if a registration/proof is not received first.

Please bring a copy for him at a meeting or send registration/fee via mail with a self-addressed stamped envelope for quick return.

Mike Lane, 3288 Pioneer Road, LaFayette, NY 13084.

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